Thursday, June 16, 2011

Second stay in Switzerland in a NuT ShELL!

I know, I know, I know.....I have been quite the slacker this time around with keeping up with my blogging. It goes hand in hand with my recent feelings of wanting to move on from this cancer world. I still feel so strongly about getting the word out about my unconventional path of battling cancer the biological way. I just have to make my days about other things other than cancer, which unfortunatley does not leave as much time for the blogging..

This stay around has been great. My mom and I leave to go home tomorrow so at this point I am done with all my treatments and will be on a flight home to good old NY in the morning. So what has went on at the klinik in the past two weeks, you ask? Quite a bit. I had similar treatments to my stay in the winter which include whole body hyperthermia, infusions, injections into the tumor, magnetic field therapy, local hyperthermia to tumor locations, myo reflex massage for my frozen shoulder, dental work, live cell injections. If curious, my past posts from Jan/Feb says what these are in more detail.

Dr. Rau injected the tumors under my armpit, in the lymph nodes everyday. There are two and both are smaller than my last stay here. When he went to one inject of them with his cocktail of mistletoe and low dose chemo and out of routine he pulled back on the syringe and a bunch of blood and other fluid was drawn out. What does this mean? That the tumor was dying and it instantly became squished. He continued inject the lymph node everyday so at this point in time it is quite swollen. Therefore its hard to guage how big it is but he is feeling pretty good about it. The other tumor under my armpit (also in a lymph node) is also swollen from injections but Dr. Rau sees through ultrasound that most of this tumor looks necrotic (dead). 

As for the liver, the tumor on my liver is small and "stable." Dr. Rau gave me daily fresh cell injections for my liver as well as my spleen. This will hopefully replensih the cells in these organs and give them thw boost they need to replenish. Both Dr. Pleus and Dr. Rau dont seem to be worried about the last tumor, the one on my spleen. I was having severe pain in this area prior to coming here and they agree with Fred (cellect) that the spleen tumor was hemorraging because it is "falling" off the spleen aka dying. Dr. Rau also said that since my last trip they gave me so many treatments to build my immune system and since the spleens job is to get rid of all the garbage in the body it is quite normal for anyone who is battling a disease to have an enlarged spleen. He said it very rare people really have metasases in the spleen and he thinks it simply the spleen doing its thing. At this point my spleen is my largest "tumor" so this was very exciting for me to hear. 

So at this point, the two lymph nodes, the spleen, and the liver are whats left and with the exception of the spleen, all are smaller compared to my stay here in the winter. The bone cancer in my hip and the spots on my lungs are no longer EXISTENT. 

As far as my other results, most tests are not back yet and will hopefully have them within the next couple of weeks. However, my blood continues to look great. All my levels are pretty good and looking like my immune system is doing much better. My natural killer cells had a slight increase which is good. I still have a blocked lymphatic system and need to continue to try and work on stimulating my lymph system. However my lymph system also improved since my last stay. The tests regarding my diet and its impact on the cancer also came out good. It showed that my diet has been very good and not feeding the cancer.

As I mentioned in my last blog, I had severe tooth pain and had to get my tooth extracted because the roots were completely dead and wreaking havoc in my system. Literally!!! Guess what meridian the tooth I had to get removed  was? MY SPLEEN!!! This merdian also effects the lmyphatic system. So now that the decaying tooth was removed, my spleen and lymph system should improve. That is not a coincidence!!! It just so happens that my tooth and my spleen start giving me pain at the same time. Who knows which caused what but they were both giving me signs that something was wrong and this tooth had to go. So for now I have a gaping hole in my mouth until my bone heals and I could have another tooth put in. Hopefully my next visit to good old Paracelsus, I will have the rest of the dental work done. The relation of whats going on in our teeth and how it effects our bodies systemically is astonishing. Truly should hear some of these stories of people having instant symptoms after they get conventional dental work done. They have the metal and foregin items taking out of their mouth and they instantly start gaining their health and baseline back. Its all based on the energy that is exudited throughout the different meridians.

So overall, I feel very positive and was giving great feedback regarding the cancer basically dying and my immune system getting stronger and stronger. If it wasnt for the tumors that show up in those four spots on the ct/pet scans, my blood work and any of these other tests would not indicate a person with cancer or one at risk for cancer. There is a huge sense of security and comfort with the treatment they do here at Paracelus. It is nothing like you could ever imagine and what we are used to in the states or in any other conventional hospital. Dr. Rau came in specifically for me and a few others on Sunday to give us an extra injection and infusions to get the most out of our visit. Actually his wife who is a nurse came along to adminster the infusions when her husband did the injections. Thats just unheard of!!! Then today Dr. Rau noticed my mom's basal cell on her nose (which she was supposed to have removed a year ago!) and pulled her aside and said he must inject it and give her a cream that would prevent her from having to have surgery. He did it free of charge too. Truth has it is that friends we made, who are very friendly with Dr. Rau and that we were talking baout my mom's basal cell with,  gave him a little whisper that my mom had this basal on her nose. He said he noticed it when the sun was glistening on her nose but truth is that our friends told him about it. lol....he is very sweet...

So all in all it was a positive trip and we are all packed and ready to go. My mom and I took the time to relax, going on little adventures here and there as energy permitted. We also met an amazing group of strong and resilient people. People from all walks of life .... I was able to walk away learning something from all of them. Between the Swiss chocolate and my three month supply of medications, our luggages are busting at the seams. LOL, it should be an interesting journey back home.  Please feel free to email me, facebook me, or comment with any questions or curiosities. I will be sure to answer.

StreNgTh, LovE, and, SmiLEs,


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Round two in Switzerland

Me and my Mama :)

Hello from this beautiful, yet rainy,  greenery in Switzerland. Alot different from the snowy hills and mountains from my last stay in February. Its round two at the Paracelsus Klinic!!! For those of you that dont know from my previous posts, the klinik offers biological treatments for diseases from cancer, chronic fatigue, MS, heart conditions to general detoxing. My mom and I embarked here on our journey on Friday and arrived on Saturday. Boy, I forgot how intense it is to be here. Dont get me wrong I am happy to be  here but you forget how taxing it is both emotionally and physically. So far I had a busy couple of days of all the same treatments as last time......oxygen, vitamin infusions, intravenous oxygen, magnetic field treatment, local hyperthermia, and all the testing. The testing included comprehensive blood work, a thermography, heavy metal testing, tumor marker evaluation (i.e how fast are the tumors growing and likelihood for them to mestasize), food sensitivity, darkfield (live blood analysis) and a bunch of other tests. So far the thermography came back and shows a slight improvement from last time. It still shows that lymphatic system is sluggish but other areas that were compromised are better. Im awaiting the other results. 

intravenous o2 and infusion

Out of no where I began having this horrid tooth pain which went from 0 to 1000 overnight. It winds up that I have an abcess and have to have my tooth extracted. I asked if it was a conicidence that this tooth was fine and then strated up as soon as I came back for treatment. My Dr. explained that theoretically it could be from all the treatments I was getting in combination with my weak immune system. Due to having an infection in my sinuses and my mouth, I have to wait till next week to have the tooth extracted to give the infection time to clear. If not, the infection will have risk to effect my bone and go into my blood. The dentists here also practice biologically and they do things MUCH differently then the states. This would normally be considered a root canal but since they think those are toxic and extremely harmful to the body systemically, they remove the tooth, and the dead root and then will replace in 6 months or so once the bone heals.  Sounds fun huh? So for now I have to tolerate the pain and await my extraction on Tuesday of next week. 

I also have been having plenty of visits with my doctors here, Dr. Rau and Dr. Pleus. Both doctors are great, each offering a different angle yet coninciding with one another. Dr. Rau injects me with fresh cell which is basically to boost my immune system and regenerate areas that need some loving. It is similar to stem cell transplant but very different at the same time. It creeped me out at first, being that it is fresh cells from organic livestock, but after last visit I felt a big difference and feels it has helped me a great deal. 

Dr. Rau also injects the tumor in my armpit and the craziest thing happened!!! He went to inject it with his cocktail of mistletoe and low dose chemo and in doing so a bunch of blood began to come out. He sucked out alot of blood from the lump and it became smaller before his eyes. This means that the tumor was filled with blood which according to Dr. Rau means that the cancer was breaking up. Dr. Rau explained that once internal tumors begin to hemorrhage it is a sign that they are breaking up and basically dissipating. Dr. Rau wanted to run the blood that he drained out to  test for cancer cells but due to it the syringe first having the medicinal cocktail in it the test would have not been accurate.  Its hard to know whats going on regarding the tumor in my armpit as it looks like i have a huge welt under there and it is SUPER swollen from the injection. The blood continued draining leaving lots of blood under my skin ("red and blue"). I will continue to get daily injections into the tumor and once the swelling begins to calm down we will see more of whats going on. However, according to Dr. Rau he says its looking good and he thinks that it is dying.  Lets pray that he is right!!!

There is much more to write but for now that is enough. I will update more as results from all my tests return and as the treatments progress. Im happy to be here and am trying to use this time to figure out how I will make all those changes necessary in my life to enjoy and live without being so focused on the cancer life. Yes, as I already mentioned all that I do is crucial in my healing but its time that I live and have fun. Im learning to tackle that much needed balance and I WILL suceeed. Im taking this time to concentrate on focusing on my body and getting better so I could go home and be with Mike and our family and friends to have an awesome summer.

LoVe, PeaCe, and StRenGth,