Friday, December 23, 2011

Adding a Little "Black" to the Holidays

Hi loves doves!! I cant believe the holiday season is here again. Since my return from Switzerland all has been going well for the most part. Other then fatigued I feel okay. My other results such as heavy metals and digestion came back from Switzerland. My results were emailed to me and both improved from my last visit. However one test did not improve and that was the test that depicts whether your current diet is cancer friendly or not. Although I am still in a decent range my score went up 50 points which means that my diet has been slacking. My first two visits to Switzerland my diet was on point....all veggies, lots of raw, no bread, and hardly no dairy. Over the past couple of months my emotions got the best of me and i have been justifying that its okay to indulge once in while as "after all I've been through...I deserve it." BULLSHIT.....hello Lisa you have stage IV cancer there is no time for these damaging justifications. Its incredible how much better you feel and look when your are eating a whole food organic diet and how sluggish you feel when you add those yummy yet evil gluten and dairy contained foods. After all, I know now that this cancer was created from within, from a lack of nutrients, from an incredibly crappy diet lifestyle in my child/teenage years. So in order to kill it and keep it away the diet and healthy habits must be a lifestyle not a Lisa fad.

One of my pet peeves...."Melanoma is caused from the sun" UGH!! That statement drives me up a wall!! Okay, yes ozone layer depletion and repetitive sun frying of the skin is not good for the human skin and could be a factor in causing melanoma but it is not the SOLE factor. The sun is crucial for healthy living...studies show that people who are vitamin D deficient (from lack of sun) and that don't get enough time in the sun have more likelihood of developing skin cancer.

Bottom line is that the skin is the largest organ of human detoxification. Sweat glands eliminate all that nastiness and toxins in our system. That's why exercise is so sweat...and all those toxins escape. If these wastes are not removed and are hanging out at the surface of the skin they damage the skin tissue....altering beauty marks and what not and ultimately developing skin cancer. Our DNA is increasingly becoming more exposed to damaging molecules from the obscene amount of chemicals in our food, household supplies, the water we drink, beauty products, the electromagnetic environment etc. Our bodies organs become extremely overwhelmed with this altered blue print and they no longer have the equipment to fight off these foreign toxins. The most annoying part is a majority of melanoma foundations promote staying out of the sun and slathering yourself with sunscreen. It is found that some of these sunscreens cause cancer!!! Many sunscreens contain a potent free radical that is activated by sunlight that is know as a cancer causing agent. Other sunscreens actually are absorbed through the skin and damage skin tissue and organs. I'm so glad that my melanoma 12 years ago was treated with a wide excision and the good old advice about staying out of the sun and slathering up on the sunscreen. Thanks Doc, I appreciate you causing me to be MORE at risk of my melanoma returning rather than preventing it. Please, don't take this info wrong....the sun is good for us but in MODERATION. No burning or peeling should occur. Sunscreen should be used but the good ones.

As I mentioned in my last post, I have had to make the tough and scary decision in whether I should give black salve a try. With much research and contemplation I decided to go for it. What do I have to lose? Nada that's for sure. If you know me you know that I'm up for everything and anything to get rid of this cancer. Even if it means I'm going to have a huge open wound for quite some time.

BLACK SALVE (aka BLACK).....What is it?

Its been around for a really long time. Actually several people have said to me, including my mother, "oh, my father (or grandmother/father) used to use that." Despite its much success it has been a controversial topic,due to politics, in the most recent decades. The use and promoting of black salve has cost many people their reputations, freedom, livelihood, and even their life. Any testing or studies that have been done on it are obsolete today. Why? because it showed extensive success and global governments made sure they got rid of this evidence so their sick civilians turned to conventional means of treatment instead. Actually, the place where Dr Rau got this, a Dr in Australia, was forced to stop selling it two days after I started using it. If he didnt he faced a fine of $2,750,000 and/or 5 years imprisonment.

Its ingredients vary by creator but the most common is blood root and a zinc base. Other natural herbal remedies are used within the salve. When using it you rub a thin layer onto the external skin of the tumor and an eschar ....aka dead tissue...will form within a couple of days. By a natural body process this piece of dead tissue will be expelled from the body and fall off. The idea is that surgery is not required and that the tumor will push out of the body on its own. Do I completely believe it? Who knows!!

Sounds some life science fiction/alien crap right? Well here is how it works....

At this point, due to lack of funding for research, its completely not certain how it works but here is the hypothetical explanations of the magic of "black".
Black is absorbed across dermal strata, which means that its gets to the deepest layer of skin. It appears to be a catalyst in mediating an immune
response ( inflammation that is rich in white blood cells, T cells, and macrophage). This helps break down and destroy the cancer cells. So basically the black triggers the immune system to focus on the area where the cancer is and do what the immune system does best....KILL the bad guys and protect the good guys.

My Experience thus far with Black.....

Dr. Rau sent me home with a small container of black salve...see pic above. Yes, I know it says "animal use only." Don't freak out...this is for legal reasons and having to be careful with choice of wording for the seller/creator to not get sued or arrested for that matter. My first application was on 12/10/11. I applied approximately at 9:30 pm...a thin layer of the black paste was applied to my very irritated and swollen enlarged lymph node under my arm pit. It immediately started tingling. That evening there was not much was not painful just very uncomfortable. The rule of thumb is you leave the paste on for 24 hours and then remove and let the immune system take over.

On 12/11/11 I kept busy and tried to keep my mind off of it. The stinging is pretty intense but nothing that cant be handled. I had dinner at my in-laws that night and felt like crawling out of my own skin. It was getting more intense and I was having these sharp zings every so often. 9:30 pm could come soon enough. Mike rubbed off the black and it was crazy....just like in the pics I saw when eschar (scab) with all puss around it formed. It was working!!!!! The next couple of days I continued to get those zings but there was no discomfort or pain once the black was removed. Several days later the puscular (not sure if I made up that word) scab fell of which left the very ugly black tumor exposed. I just wanted to squeeze it out like a big juicy pimple but considering it is a solid mass there would be no such luck. Over the next couple of days I didn't feel or see much of a change so I decided to add more. Ugh that hurt like a bitch because the tumor was exposed and i know had an open wound. I succumbed to taking a pain killer and tried to keep my mind on getting ready for Christmas. Again after the 24 hour removal, a large puscular scab formed. There was an insane amount of swelling around the site into my shoulder and my breast. The swelling alone and all the pressure it created was more uncomfortable then anything else. But I was happy as I knew all that fluid was what carried the white blood cells and all those t cells that would destroy the cancer and expell it from my body. Bring the fluid on!!! The past couple of days there has been lots of oozing and grossness and this morning I woke up to the eschar falling off. It contained a nice chunk of my dead black tumor and left the rest of it exposed once again. So I know its working. I'm unsure if the tumor will eventually come out on its own after two applications or if it only expells when it is connected to the eschar (scab) that forms. I will wait a couple of days and if I see no activity I know that I will have to continue to reapply until we keep on chipping away at this black iceberg.

As you know my ultrasound in Switzerland showed no spot on my liver. If this is defintely the case, then the tumor exposed to black is the only one left. Which is pretty f*cking exciting!!! As hard as it is and nothing about this long exhausting fight being easy for me and those closest to me, I'm almost there. Black has always been one of my favorite colors and as gross as it is...Im a big fan of witnessing things being expelled from my body ( blackheads, pimples, ingrown toenails) so I guess this treatment method is fitting for me.

I wish everyone a happy holiday and hope people get to enjoy the real point of the holidays....spending time with the people you love in your life and appreciating life's joyous ways. Dont get bogged down with the stress of the holidays and keep in mind what really matters.

As for you Santa,

Please bring me happiness, the strength and willpower to eat a wholesome diet and remission. Despite wanting a new pair of shades, a new pocket book, and a infrared sauna, all I REALLY want is my health back and the freedom to move on and enjoy all the beauty life has to offer.

I will leave you vegan oatmeal flaxseed cookies and a glass of vanilla almond milk. Oh and some nice carrots and some alkaline water for your four legged helpers.