Friday, February 25, 2011


As promised, here is my post about the supplement that I truly believe gave my cells that jump start that they needed....Cellect!! In 2010 , I was starting the year off okay. I was still very fatigued and weak as the interferon from months back was still in my system and wreaking havoc. I was functioning though, life was seeming to get back to normal. Due to the lymph node dissection from the previous February I had horrific frozen shoulder and not to mention lymphedema. My arm was really difficult to move that even daily tasks such as getting dressed and lifting the smallest things was a struggle. My arm was also so swollen that I had to wear my compression sleeve daily to control the fluid buildup. Anyways, after going to physical therapy three times a week and being borderline tortured, my arm was still stuck.

At Mike's holiday party, I met an acupuncturist that works in one of the PT offices. Somehow it came up in conversation that I had frozen shoulder and he told me that he could help me. I started going to him immediately and had good results. Then February came and we found out that the cancer was metastasized to my hip bone and my spleen. He told me that I must go home and call this man name Fred. He explained that his mentor swears by him and his product. He said that this man has been reversing people's cancers for years. He explained that two of his patients went there and are now cancer free. I left there completely skeptical but of course scared of my own mortality, I checked out the website hoping that maybe this was not quackery and there was some hope. I'm very detail oriented and  like for things to visually look pretty and when I looked at the website I was even more skeptical. Its not very well developed and not as savvy as the ones I was used to looking at like Sloan Kettering's website. I remembered what Tae, my acupuncturist, said and decided to call...

I spoke to Robert who I explained my situation to and he gave me an earful, about an hours worth, of what cellect is, why it is so effective, and story after story of people who were given three months to live and began taking cellect and are now fine. After reading website after website of horrible survival rates of melanoma patients I was scared out of my having a little hope felt pretty good.  But I have to admit, I was still skeptical. Robert scheduled for me to meet with Fred several days later. I didn't tell anyone because I didn't want to get swayed out of going or be influenced by what others thought.

I drove to meet Fred and the address I was given was this desolate very big old house. I was thinking to myself this could be right??? I called the number to confirm the address and I was in the right place. Now I was thinking to myself "Lisa, what the hell are you doing?" I went in and was introduced to Fred, a nice man....reminds me of an Einstein type. I was there for over three hours, free of charge might I add. He asked me to explain my story, he told me his story, he told me all those people's cancer who was reversed with cellect, and my skepticism was slowly melting away.

 Here goes....

Fred himself had cancer (pancreatic) 30 some odd years ago, when he was 21, and was given only months to live. He was told that having an extensive surgery including having all/part of his stomach, pancreas, and spleen removed would help his chances of surviving longer. He opted for the surgery however expressed to his Dr that it doesn’t make sense as his immune system was not elevated so he didn’t understand how his cancer could be an outside invader. He was convinced that his body had to be making the cancer. He asked to see his blood work and he noticed that he was deficient in certain vitamins and minerals. He took a considerable amount of those vitamins and minerals that he was deficient in and with time he was fine...his pet scans were clear...he was cancer free.

After this experience Fred chose to go to medical school to study transplants and he  was able to get a pancreas to stay alive longer than anybody else was able to do so before. He also was speaking about how his belief that cancer was not an outside invader and it was the body that was creating it. He spoke about the importance of the body getting enough essential vitamins and minerals to prevent disease. His theories hit resistance and he was threatened to be kicked out of the program if he continued to be a "radical" student. He decided to leave the program yet continued to do research.

His theory = Cancer and other medical conditions are due to nutritional deficiencies. His theory was inspired by his grandfather and his grandfather’s twin. His grandfather lived an unhealthy life style of eating junk and drinking and wound up passing in his 50’s whereas his twin brother exercised, was health conscious, and took great care of himself and he lived to 104!  Our bodies require certain kinds and amounts of vitamins and minerals and if we are lacking them our cells can’t function to their full capacity, thus creating cancer and other conditions. Its along the concept of maintaining an alkaline ph…when our bodies are getting everything they need we are alkaline. Whereas when we are exposed to toxins such as smoke, chemicals, and preservatives, and toxic prescription drugs we are acidic. Unfortunately, due to all the toxins that we are exposed to these days, it is much harder to maintain an alkaline pH even if you eat as healthy as could be and exercise. That’s the reason cancer is SO prevalent these days.

Fred agrees that chemo and other conventional treatments kill tumors however it does not kill the blueprint that creates the cancer in the first place. That’s why it is so common for cancer to “spread” once a tumor is removed/killed. The body recognizes its missing cells and needs to replicate them. Thus, producing more bad cells that eventually turn into tumors...making cancer “spread.”  He gives the example of cleaning algae out of a swimming pool. If the water and the pH are not changed the algae will eventually be right back in that swimming pool. Fred’s theory goes more in depth than what I have explained but that’s the gist of it. Basically…. if this fish is dying change the water in the fish tank…

So what is the supplement? It is a powder, called Cellect, that you make into a shake. For cancer patients it’s recommended to take 4-6 scoops a day. I started with  8…apparently the more you take the quicker the results…so my attitude was "bring it on!!!" Now I take 5 a day. It comes in different flavors like chocolate and vanilla but I personally dont think it is enjoyable. Its very filling and heavy on my stomach but I know that it helps me so I'll do whatever I have to. Cellect and I are now good friends and I know that I must take it. Apparently they now have it in pill form rather than powder but for me I would have to take close to 90 something pills so I think it is easier to suck it up and drink the filling grainy shake. Does it have to be Cellect? No, it could be the vitamins and mineral individually but it is more cost effective to take Cellect. Within time it is supposed to replenish your bad cells with good cells. Since these good cells are alkaline, cancer can’t survive and eventually will die off.

Fred has helped over 4,000 people and out of these people 92% of the people’s cancer or medical condition was reversed!!!! All I know is that’s a better success rate than any cancer hospital can give, especially when it comes to a diagnosis of melanoma. The stories are endless. But to name a few….one man had terminal lung cancer and after months of taking Cellect he began to cough up his tumors!!!! Literally they were in his sink!!  Within a year he was cancer free. Another women, Wendy, had liver cancer and was given 6 months to live. She heard of Fred and Cellect through a friend and started taking Cellect immediately and took NO conventional treatment. Within three months her pet scan was clear…she was cancer free. I spoke to this women personally as she now volunteers for Fred and three years later she is doing great.

Last March, my mom went to Maryanne, her friend/nail lady, and she was explaining that I was thinking about taking a natural approach. Maryanne explained to my mom that one of her client’s mother-in-law was dying of cancer and in hospice and she began taking this natural supplement and is now fine. Together Maryanne and my mom called this lady to find out what the supplement was and sure enough it was Cellect! My mom said she got goose bumps. At that point my mom was skeptic and nervous that I was opting to go natural and refusing conventional treatments. So we needed a moment like that. My mom and I knew it was a sign :) My dear Uncle Emil, who recently passed away of lung cancer, also was approached when he was first diagnosed by his neighbor recommending that he take cellect. His neighbor also had cancer and took cellect and years later is fine and free of cancer.My uncle opted for the conventional route and did not look much into his neighbor's recommendation.  After my uncle passed away,  my Aunt Terry called to tell me she found the information packet and samples of cellect and it dawned on her that's what I was taking. I felt like that was another sign....Uncle Emil was telling us that I should continue with cellect!!!!

I know its crazy and so hard to believe that some random powder with vitamins and mineral would reverse  cancer but it is true and there is lots of proof.  And again, it’s not only for cancer…it has been successful with MS, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Alzheimer’s, back/joint pain, stress…the list is endless. 

How do I know cellect is working for me? When I first took it my shoulder began feeling better. My range of motion increased. Initially I felt very bloated and puffy but they explain that this happens because all the toxins are trying to be released from the body and your body gets back loaded. My energy increased as well. At times I would feel so weak and fatigued that I could sleep all day. When I took cellect it was like i was a wilted plant coming back to life. As I mentioned earlier, my blood work was not good in the beginning of the journey and about two months on cellect my numbers changed drastically!! They continued to get better as the months progressed. When I first started taking cellect I was limping because the pain in my hip from the bone cancer was pretty bad. After about a month I was no longer limping and had slight pain. Today the hip cancer is gone and is being noted as "degenerative disease" (whatever that means.....). When I started cellect I was very hopeful and decided that I will take this for three months and gauge where my tumors were via a pet scan and then decide if i will back to the dreaded conventional route. Three months after I started, the tumors got bigger so needless to say I freaked out, I was so disappointed, and i called Fred immediately. He explained that it is perfectly normal for the tumors to appear as though they are getting bigger. He explained that as the tumors dissipate (die, become necrotic) they flatten out (think of an M&M melting in the sun) so in the pet scan they appear larger but it may just be that the tumors are dying. So now I was playing russian roulette with my own mortality?!! Do I continue with cellect and hope the tumors are dying or do I take conventional meds? I continued with cellect....risky I know.

How I really know cellect worked for me........
on our honeymoon we were away for three weeks in Greece/Italy and despite taking cellect with me with the plans of keeping up with my routine, I went in honeymoon mode and didn't drink it. By week number two, I became so weak, tired, and literally very sick that we had to have a hotel visit from a local doctor (300 euros later). I couldn't breathe, was completely congested, and was literally gasping for air. My body was pissed at me. The tumor under my armpit was also considerably larger then it was before I left for our honeymoon. Our second wedding in Italy was a hard day. I put on my happy face and tried to have a good day but the reality was that I was weak, tired, and felt like ssomething seriously wrong was going on inside my body. To this day I hate looking at the Italy wedding photos because I felt so sick and scared that day. Once I started back on cellect i felt better again and had more energy.

Who knows....I know I am doing many different things but Cellect to me has been what kept my tumors from spreading like wildfire. Because in the world of melanoma, I am unique...its very rare that the tumors stay controlled and/or disappear. My hip cancer and lung tumors are gone!! :)

If you are suffering from anything, especially cancer, I recommend you call NCRF (National Cancer Research Foundation) and have Cellect shipped to you. If you are in the NY area and can take a ride to meet with Fred it is an uplifting and hopeful experience and also recommended. To look into it further go to and for video interviews Do not expect much from the website as it is underdeveloped and the testimonials are not as updated as we would like. Fred has many new successful and quite amazing cases but due to be so over worked they can’t get around to everything.   All I know is that the rates of success of Cellect and the fact that it has no major side effects was a hell of a lot more comforting and appealing than Sloan Kettering and all the conventional treatment that comes along with those visits. I’m pretty positive but when I learned that the melanoma had returned at Stage IV, I wasn’t that hopeful and all I know is now, after Cellect, I feel amazing and am back to my positive self.

PeAcE, LoVe, and StrEnGth,


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pills, Drinks & Drops

My medication regimen on a daily basis is quite intense. Well it was in the beginning , but like anything else you get used to it.  I not only have to take supplements but I have to drink alot of different things. I take a small lemon bowl ( yes, even my pills have to be presented nice...pathetic...I know) of various pills including Co Q10, iron, enzymes, B12, immune building supplements, and a whole lot more.

Anything looks more appetizing in a cute lemon bowl :)

Then I drink all sorts of weird drinks....I have Eveliza (the brown cloudy one) which is supposed to boost metabolism and regenerate cells. It helps bring the nutrients directly to the cells to be absorbed. Then I have Selenase (the white one) which I don't really know what it is for exactly. I believe it aids the immune system. Then I have to drink wheat grass. I typically takes this in its pure form by juicing wheat grass but I haven't got around to ordering it so lately I have been drinking the powder form. It is really recommended that you drink the pure form so I have to make that a priority and order myself some fresh and organic wheat grass. And of course, every morning consists of a green juice. With this I juice cucumbers, celery, and kale. That's usually my normal juice but sometimes I will throw other veggies and herbs in to spice it up a bit. So with all the drinking I do in the morning there is no possible way I could fit any food in my system. I get full to the max with all those liquids!!!

The Medicinal Beverages

Oh and drops! I cant forget about them. I have to put 20 drops of this immune supporting liquid (homeopathic) in my water (1 liter three) three times a day. I have to put 6 drops of biosil in my water once a day. I have to put 6 drops on my tongue of this other liquid and 5 drops of homeopathic treatment on my root canal that was pulled out. I also take ten drops of vitamin D ( my vitamin D levels were pretty low in the beginning but they are finally creeping up to a point that is considered good).  I also have to take a tablespoon of flax seed oil, yup straight up! It took some getting used to but now I can handle it. Then there is winter berry....which is a berry blend rich of antioxidants....its yummy!

Then three times a week, Mike (my husband) injects me with a cocktail of mistletoe and several other ampules. Mistletoe deserves its one blog so I wont go in too much detail here. And then there is Cellect!  From the bottom of my heart and from my gut I just know this is the product that has been changing all my cells. When the journey first began my blood work was not good. I was deficient and low in many areas, however when I first went to Dr. Stills, my natropath, she explained to me that she was pleasantly surprised as my blood did not look like that of a typical cancer patient. By that point I was on the Cellect for about 6 months. Cellect is a nutritional supplement loaded with essential vitamins and minerals. It is in powder form and you mix it with water and drink up!! It is filling and took alot for me to get used to but now Cellect and I have a strong bond. I truly believe this is what made a big difference in controlling the tumor growth. Usually with melanoma, once it metastasizes it spreads like wildfire. But in my case this did not happen. I originally had tumors on my lung and cancer on my hip bone but no longer!!!!! Yes, I am doing alot of different things so who knows what to attribute the cancer disappearing on my lungs and hip to, but I just know Cellect does my bod and so many other people's bodies good! Cellect is completely worthy of its own posting. I will get on that tonight or tomorrow :) If you know anyone with cancer, diabetes, HIV, fibromyalgia, heart conditions, Alzheimer's, (the list goes on and on), Cellect could truly help them. So keep posted!!! If I could send everyone who is sick a 6 month supply of Cellect I would!!!

Three  Month Supply of Medication

I took a three month supply of medication home from Switzerland. A majority of the products are available in the US but it actually was more cost effective to get it from Switzerland. Leave it to the US to highly market everything! When I go back in three months I will get more medications to bring home.
On that note, I have to go ahead and take all my medication. Since I have to drink so many various medicines and quite nasty tasting ones....I have to pace myself otherwise we do NOT have a good outcome. ;)

For those who want to know exactly what I am taking I would be glad to share, just send me a message and I will email you my exact medication regimen.

PeAcE, LoVe, and StReNgTh,


Monday, February 21, 2011

Puzzling the Pieces Together

Im back in NY for a little over a week, but it feels like a month. Its alot of work, specifically brain power, to put all the pieces of the puzzle together. Cancer, or any health condition for that matter, is extremely complicated and there are many different aspects that need to be taken into consideration when trying to reverse it and heal yourself. Its been about three years now since the cancer crept back up on me. In that time it has been a whirlwind. To say the least!!!  So many different doctors, different treatment options, so many opinions, so many schools of thought. I hear that "I shouldnt eat this and I should only eat that and I shouldnt take this supplement and I must take this supplement and too much exercise is no good but exercise helps rid the tumors." Make up your mind people!! Its confusing and a time comes where you have to sit back and use common sense and think "okay what will work best for me?" Bottom line is we know our bodies and we have to listen to our bodies to know what is good and what is not good for us.  Also, research! Its a must!! A doctor or a specialist could tell you something is good or bad for you but the rationale and proof is critical. So now that I have a wealth of information I have to think about all the recommendations I have got in the last three years and decide what regimen I will follow.

For now I am piecing together all the programs and doctor's recommendations together. Basically a little bit of this and a little bit of that. It took time but I am learning little signs of how my body is doing. If I have a coating of white on my tongue that means too much mucus and I have to cut down on dairy. Little things like this help me gauge how Im doing.

The pieces of the puzzle feel endless......quality water, anti cancer diet, lots of veggies, juicing, replenishing vitamins, exercise, quality supplements, wheat grass, good digestive health (enemas & colonics), acupuncture, hydration, physical therapy, happiness, relaxation, essential oils, meditation, lab tests, sleep, sun, smiling, cellect supplement,  doctors, staying far away from the standard american diet, and endless research.

Each one of these puzzle pieces is very involved and has a puzzle within it. I will blog about all of these as the weeks progress.

In the beginning the puzzle felt like a thousand double sided piece puzzle but now it is more manageable. I now feel like I am piecing together a 100 piece puzzle. The more knowledge you get the more it makes sense....complete sense! When you can understand the why and how of something it makes it that much easier to stick to make it a lifestyle.

PeAcE, LoVe, and StReNgtH,

Monday, February 14, 2011

Back in Good Ol' NY

I arrived home on Friday and have been meaning to blog for days now. Something about stepping back on the NY pavement....the relaxation ends...back to reality. NO! I refuse to let the relaxation end. There has to be some way that I could make it continue. I am always on the go and have the need to do something. I wish I could control this but its just the way I am. Life gets so busy. My mission is to try and find that relaxation time no matter what. Wish me luck....

Overall, my trip to Switzerland was an amazing and a healing journey. I soaked up all the goodness that Paracelsus had to offer and I just know that it did this bod of mine justice. Not only were the results from all the tests positive but I feel pretty good.

In three weeks time I had the opportunity to do so much.  I had alot of amazing, and quite different, treatments.

I got to spend quality time with my mama. ...

We met amazing people with difficult stories. Some were battling cancer, others serious digestive issues, and several MS and some just there to detox. I learned something from each person I met and was amazed by the strength people have. Part of this journey is all the people you meet along the way. When you are going through similar things and are put together in such close intimate environments the connection grows quick.

We ate quality and alkalizing foods. The diet was more relaxed that the 80% raw diet I was eating prior to my trip to Switzerland. Basically the diet is tricky because so many doctors have a different rule of thumb regarding cancer diets. I will blog about diet eventually but basically you just have to educate yourself about what foods are alkalizing and which are not and go from there.

I got to spend quality time with my husband. Unfortunately we weren't able to go out and about as much as we would have liked. By the time the days at the klinik are over I was exhausted and fatigued and needed to take it easy.

We got to hang out with a local from Massapequa that we happened to randomly meet. They were such a sweet couple with a baby girl and expecting another baby girl. It was a plus because Mike went out with Sean for the day rather than having to sit with me, bored out of his skull, in the klinik. Another night they took us out for dinner. It was definitely nice to have met such nice and welcoming people.  

I had my moments of sadness. Such intense treatment could be pretty emotional and not to mention I found out I lost two of my fellow cancer fighters. That hits you hard. Especially when you yourself are going through a stage IV diagnosis. It hits so close to home that it takes a blow at you so hard it knock your socks off. You cant help to think of your own mortality and the what ifs. It really messes with your head and it takes so much mind power to fight the thoughts and bring them back to those feelings of hopefulness and positivity.  

I had the opportunity to experience Switzerland's beauty. Initally it was chilly and then it warmed up significantly to the point we did not even need our winter jackets.

The pro-life and positive attitude at Paracelsus was incredible. It is such a different feel to what I have experienced in other places such as Sloan Kettering and Yale. The doctors are so upbeat and positive. They don't instill that fear in their patients like the conventional doctors. Rather than looking at the diagnosis and spitting off statistics, they look at your specific situation and let you know what needs to change in your terrain in order to reverse the cancer. Much different from Sloan Kettering where I was giving that "this is serious" look as though the Doctor just wanted to spit out "you have three months to live." What about this is beneficial to patients?? Between the overwhelming feelings regarding the diagnosis and dealing with the symptoms of the new diagnosis it takes alot to fight. Throw in the words "you have x amount of time to live" the challenge becomes that much greater. The hope goes out the window. Your mind gets plagued with the what ifs and the replay of those words that one can't even put there energy towards the healing. 

 am fortunate that I had this path come my way.  I always was a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. Three years ago I would have never thought I would be doing half the stuff I do now. It feels so right. You know when you have that gut feeling about something? Well I have that feeling regarding this whole journey. It was like I was meant to do this. It literally makes me sick sometimes when I think about how many people we lose to cancer. So many of these people don't even know all the other options out there and others know it but just don't trust it or don't have the financial means to pull it off. Its for sure a battle and I respect a patients decision whether they want conventional or not. I am just passionate about educating people about the other, more positive, side of cancer.

I have my regimen that I will continue home and then I will have to go back to the klinik in three months. I will blog about what my healing regimen exactly entails a different day. Its quite intense. Lets just say in total it takes about 2 hours in the morning to get all that I have to get done for my health. On that note I am back to work today and have to get started taking my many supplements, teas, shakes, and drops.

It would mean a ton to me if you shared this blog with whomever and register to be a follower. The more hits the blog gets the easier it is to pop up in a google search, then the more people we could help fight cancer in a pro-life way. 

PeAcE, LoVe, and StReNgTh,


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Winding Down

This week has been going fast. I have been getting my final treatments, tests, and Doctor appointments in. On Monday I had my second hyperthermia. It was still intense but no where near the first one. My fever this time only reached 102 degrees. I was hoping to be a little higher. I was told I was being an overachiever and that it is not always the case that fever gets really high. The sweats during the aftermath were also not as bad this time around. I was having great pain in my tooth in the beginning of the week and when Dr. Rau visited me during the hyperthermia he explained that the homeopathic remedies that he was adding to my infusion during the hot box treatment would help my tooth pain. He was right.... it alleviated the pain a bit. 

Waiting for my injections....

I had an ozone injection into the tumor which hurts like a bitch. I was pretty badly bruised but nothing I cant handle!  I also had the normal mistletoe and low dose chemo injected into the tumor as well. Dr. Rau got excited because he said he felt as though the tumor under my arm feels smaller. I felt the spot cautiously and did feel a difference but nothing to make me do a happy dance. I think it great news that it decreased in size but a happy dance is not warranted until it is gone. Dr. Rau is going to inform my doctor at home how to inject the tumor and if she feels comfortable doing so, she has agreed to continue the treatments to the tumor. Dr. Rau also gave me several live cell injections during this week. Dr. Rau is a really is a nice guy and Im glad I had the opportunity to meet him. Very professional yet very down to earth. My other doctor, Dr. Pleus, was also a very nice person as he took his time to explain everything to me thoroughly so I can easily transition the new regimen when I get home. He's been emailing Dr Stills in NY to come up with the game plan.

Ozone Injection with Dr Rau..... Ouch!

                                                                    Warming up the Fresh Cells on Dr. Rau's Light

Yesterday I received some other results. Well number one, it was explained that my hormone levels were retested and that they found that they are now fine. Dr. Rau explained maybe it was not an accurate reading the first time around as my hormones were abnormally high. The other results I received were regarding my tumor marker blood work. This is a blood test that looks into protein S100, a protein correlated wih melanoma. If this is elevated it shows the melanoma's trajectory and whether or not it will spread or not and whether this will be aggressive or not. In my case this number was .5 which is slightly higher then the average zone but not by much at all. It was explained to me that people that have stage IV melanoma typically are closer or perhaps even higher then 100!!! So this was VERY good news. It shows that my melanoma does not look like the typical wild fire spreading melanoma.

Dr. Pleus and Dr. Rau explained to me that all my blood work and lab results looked good. They both confirmed that these results were not typical for those undergoing a diagnosis of stage IV melanoma. I asked them the reason the cancer has mestasized in the first place and they explained that my lymphatic flow is blocked and my immune system is weak. One of the reasons my immune system is blocked is because my natural killer cells are low. So the three things they need to focus on are is 1, detoxification, 2, intestinal upbuilding (weak colon)....all that crap, literally, needs to come out so my body is not left with all the horrific toxins and 3, my immune system needs to be supported in order to aid my body in fighting off all these impurtiies.

I will do this by having a whole food based diet, taking many supplements, receiving weekly IV treatments with a bunch of different homeopathic remedies and vitamin C, and I will continue taking mistletoe (iscador) shots. I will be taking many of the supplements home with me. I did my homework and did a comparison of cost from here vs home and came to the surprsing realization that my supplements are less expensive here. So I will take a several month supply of supplements home with me.

Dr. Rau stressed the seriousness of melanoma and how important it is to continue to keep up with the disease systemically. He explained that much of what Im doing will be a way of life. He suggested I return in three months to follow up. Really? Three months?  I was banking on 6 and really was not thinking 3! But hey if it works I guess I will do whatever it takes. ;)

Good Night!!!

Im exhausted....this is for sure alot for my body to handle...... Tomorrow is my last day. I will have to get all my treatments and pack all my supplements and all. xoxo

Peace, Love & Strength,

Monday, February 7, 2011

Do You Have a Perfect Smile?

Waiting for the dentist!!!

So a big part of this journey here at Paracelsus is dentistry. Our teeth are way more important then you think and Im not just talking cosmetics people! If our teeth are unhealthy, it can cause disturbances in our organs or in other functions of the body. For instance, dental problems could cause chronic sinus issues, headaches, back problems and/or diseases of the joints. Every tooth in these little mouths of ours is connected with a meridian or our body and the lymphatic system. An infected tooth or inflammed jaw may well cause disturbances in the respective part of the functional system. We think that we go to the dentist to get our teeth fixed and that were all set but little do we know the metal put in our mouth causes toxic overload. This stresses our bodies out to the max. If our immune sytem is always working to try and work out the hidden issues in our mouth how will it have time to fight the other diseases such as cancer cells? Basically all these issues suppress our immune system and dont allow our body to work at its natural capacity.
Me outside Paracelsus

Amalgam fillings and other toxic metals such as mercury, titanium, palladium, etc cause stress to our mouth because not only are they toxic, they have chemicals in them. A tooth with metal is a slow release poisonous time bomb! Literally. We chew, brush our teeth, and breathe and more and more metal toxicity is released into our body. The older the metal in our mouth the more dangerous it is. These days who knows what metal is being put in our mouth! Different metals in our mouth at once create different electric charges which confuses the body and creates stress. Think Science class!

Root canals are also very bad and often connected to cancer.  Root canal treated teeth are dead teeth and are therefore prone to infection – infection which can be very toxic and hard to get rid of because there is no blood flow into a dead tooth. The dead root also wreaks havoc in the body. Think of it as something decomposing in your body.....this cannot be good!
So needless to say we go to our standard dentists and think they are doing us good. I love my standard dentist....  I had him since I was little and literally cried and begged my dad to let me go back once when our insurance changed and we went to someone different in our new plan. Its like anything is what is taught and trained and therefore practiced. However, the truth is that a natural and biological dentist is a better option.
Removal of the amalgams, or any metals for that matter and the root canals need to be done in a way that prevents the toxins from leaking in the system. Here at Paracelsus they have state of the art equipment. There have been many people who must think I had dental work in some sort of hut with dirty rusty tools because they questioned why I would trust to get dental work in Switzerland. Its just another country people!! They have access to state of the art technology as well as guru dentists here. Lets not be ignorant and think that America is the best in healthcare and dentistry because that is far from the truth.
So when I first arrived I had a panoramic dental xray. Which I posted on a past blog but I will post again. I had to have a metal cap removed from one of my teeth and have a ceramic composite tooth put in. That went fine. According to the meridians, the issues in this tooth could have had a relationship with the function of my thyroid gland, female mammary gland, the right side of my stomach, and my parathyroid gland. I cant think of a direct connection. I do know that I have a slow thyroid so it could possibly be related to this tooth. Time will tell....

My Panoramic Dental Xray 
The other problematic tooth was a root canal that I had done years ago on the lower left side of my mouth. This was creating alot of issues in my mouth because it was inflammed and leaking metal toxicities in my body. This hurt like a bitch!! I mean during the procedure it was fine because I had anesthesia but once it wore off it was painful. I still have pain from it. The dentist removed the cap over the root canal and took out the metal pin that was placed there to hold the tooth and he also took out the two dead black and gross roots that were lodged in my mouth. See below....Warning!!!! Its gross so if you dont want to see it scroll past quick! The picture has the two extremely black and dead roots, the metal pin, and my cap filled with metal on the inside and white composite on the outside.

Ewww.....GROSS!!!! This crap was
in my mouth for years!!!!

 Due to this being covered by a metal cap with white composite over it, the deadness and metal pin was rotting inside and causing my body alot of stress. Ever since I could remember I had this horrific metal taste in my mouth that I could not get rid of even if I brushed and listerined my teeth 100 times a day. Now that it is gone the metal taste is no longer!!! I have to keep this tooth out for about 6 months so the bone could grow back and heal. Once this happens I could have the tooth replaced. This tooth is related to the meridian of the left colon, left lung, my feet, my stomach, and my spleen. Makes sense as I have a history of colon/stomach issues and my largest tumor currently is on my spleen. Hmmm.....interesting!
Think about it. Did you ever have extensive dental work or even a simple metal crown or cavity put in and begin to get an array of negative symptoms? I always had horrible teeth internally, ever since I was little. I think the youngest I was in the dentist chair was 2 years old. I had filling after filling and many teeth pulled. I cant help to think if this is directly correlated to my affected immune system and clogged lymph system. Fascinating stuff......
PeAcE, LoVe, & StrEnGtH,

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Test Results

I took many tests since I have been here. Some I am familiar with, others it is for sure a learning process.  

Blood Test

Its pretty much what we are used to at home but they test alot more detailed here. So what did it show?

1... I am low in zinc, which is an enzyme to stimulate the metabolism. I take alot of zinc with Cellect so the question is now why am I not absorbing the Zinc? Dr. Rau was going to do more tests and look into this.

2.... My glucose was elevated which is not good because glucose feeds sugar. Dr. Pleus, my other doctor here, compared my glucose with previous test from Dr. Stills. Then my glucose was fine. He says it may be due to having breakfast right before the test. He advised me to stay away from sugar, bread, etc.

3....I have NO cancer markers in my blood. My white blood count is great, my liver enzymes are good, and I dont have any evidence of inflammation

4....My kidneys are functioning fine. Prior to coming here there was a small concern with my kidneys because my numbers were off. But the blood tests show they are fine.

5....My hormone level is high. Dr. Rau does not understand why this is and explained that it is typical that they see low hormones in women these days and not high. He is going to do more tests but he says this is unrelated to the melanoma.

Lymphocyte Profile

This test evaluates and compares two important parts of the immune response. T- lymphocyte helper cells  play a critical role in orchestrating the response to infections. Without T-helper cells, many of the other immune cells are not able to activate and fight infection. Proper activation of these immune cells is necessary for a strong immune response.  After activation of the immune response, T-lymphocyte suppressor cells deactivate the immune cells fighting the infection. It is important to control and manage the immune response. An over-active immune system can lead to tissue damage and auto-immune disorders. This test measures the number of T-suppressor cells.

For me, we have to build up my T cells as my immune system is still low. Taking mistletoe and other immune building supplements will help this. :)


This is a graphic measurement of body temperature. Since early times, doctors felt the surface of their patients body with the back of their hands. Why? because particularly warm or cold areas of the skin indicate there is inflammatory or degenerative illnesses existing in the organs under the skins surface. With the extremely advanced technology of a thermography, we could see the temperature of the human skin with good accuracy and determine in what area there may be problems.

For me, my sinuses and colon improved slightly compared to my last thermography in the States. My liver is still showing up as an issue as well as my digestive track. So this shows that my lymphatic drainage is weak and needs to be built up and we need to do intestinal upbuilding to make sure all those toxins are being cleared.

TKTL-1 Test

In a nut shell. This monitors my diet and whether it is influencing the tumors in a negative way. Dont ask me how it does this but thats what they told me. My diet is NOT impacting my tumors in a negative way. Score!!!! All those veggies pay off.

Genetic Testing

This recognizes anti-oxidant capacity (lymphocytes). This shows whether interleukin, a protein that stimulate immune system to anything bad thats going on in the bod, is available. Usually for cancer patients these numbers are over 200 for me it is under 100!!!! This is really good news!!!! All my interleukins are in good dosages! :)

For now that is it!! This week I will be getting the results to most of my other tests. I'll post the second part of my "Test Results" once I get them. 

Its looking pretty good so far which is freaken awesome!!!

PeaCe, LoVe, and StRenGtH, 


Saturday, February 5, 2011

My Modeling Debut

I took a taxi over to the Klinik for my modeling debut at Dr. Rau's seminar. It was a strange night....I could'nt sleep....I was doing alot of thinking on top of having the anticipation of my darling Mike's arrival. Due to lack of sleep and left over detoxing from last week's hyperthermia my breathing was not the greatest. I was going to take the train to the klinik but with this energy? No, a taxi will be just fine.

The Klinik was quiet and empty compared to its normal hustle and bustle during the week. I listened for the voices and followed them to know which area of the building the seminar was being held. I let the first person I saw (who happened to be Dr Rau's wife) know that I was here when Dr. Rau was ready for me. I was warned that there were many "students" and not to be "nervous." I didnt really know what to expect.

As I was waiting for Dr Rau to call me to be his guinea pig, (ok we will stick to "model"...less lab rat like), I was also waiting for Mike to arrive. He flew in this morning and was going to take the train straight to the klinik to meet me. I was wondering why he hasn't arrived yet and if everything was going ok. I was hoping he would get to the klinik before I was done so we could make our way back to the hotel together.

Dr. Rau's medical assistant called me in! Here goes! Dr Rau invited me to sit smack in the front of the room for all to see. He introduced me to the twenty or so doctors that were gazing at me and whispering things here and there to one another. I wondered what they were saying? Being with Mike for ten years and having in laws "off the boat," I have become quiet comfortable with being in a room full of people yapping in another language. I learned to soak it all in and try and read body language. I just sat there following the dialogue as if I knew what Dr. Rau was saying.

Dr. Rau then turned to me and asked me to share my "story." What? I didnt know I was going to have to speak?! I thought the deal was I get an injection into the tumor for free, he uses me to show other doctors his expertise and then Im out of here.  I told this story a million times and I am not one shy of the spot light, so why the hell not? In  a calm soft tone, I began...."In 2000, when I was eighteen......" Dr. Rau interjected every few sentences to translate into the native tongue. I felt out of place, the only American and chick with cancer in the room! What was I doing? Then I thought back seven years ago, I would have been shaking in my boots to speak in front of a room full of Doctors, nevermind those that dont even speak my language. I wasn't even nervous and I made eye contact with every person in the room minus one or two doctors. How could this be? Boy, has this experience changed me in a lot of ways. Sometimes, to relieve the anxiety and get to the "thankgod this is over" feeling we shorten what we have to say  during public speaking. Not this time, I gave the full blown out story!!! The audience was communicating with me by nonverbals (smiles, nods of the head, concerned faces, etc). It was nice to have some sort of connection.

Dr. Rau then went on for a long time about my case, explaining my results thus far, all the treatments I am receiving, about being followed up by Dr. Stills when I return home. He then asked if he could tell the group about my hair. Not only do I have to speak in front of a bunch of doctors and allow them to get up close and personal with my lumpy armpit, I have to tell them about my random bald spots on my head?! What else is he going to surprise me with?! Im only kidding. I dont mind at all. So here goes... After taking the ipilimumab, I began developing these quarter size bald spots with gray hair coming out of them. When I asked Dr. Rau if he has ever seen anything like this and if he knows why this happened, he explained that it is a sign of toxicity. Hmmm.....makes sense. He informed me during our appointment last week that our next appointment he will inject all the spots with a little sometin' sometin.'  He went on to explain this in German to his collegeus. (He also suggested rubbing flax seed oil on the areas!. Shit!! That will mess up my blow out! I guess I will be visiting the salon more than once a week?! ) 

At this point I was invited to the medical table and the rest of the room was invited to surround the medical table. Okay...this is getting weird. Dr. Rau prepared all his concotions and explained to the group what all the ampules were for and how to prepare etc etc. I thought I dressed appropriate for the debut but apparently Dr. Rau felt I needed to take my arm out of two layers of tank tops, exposing my colorful Vicky Secret bra to the room full of doctors. Isnt a tank top a fine article of clothing when one needs to get access to an armpit?! LOL Whatever. This is an experience all right!!!

He gave me the injection and checked in to see how I was feeling, "is it ok?" I shook my head yes and gave the "its not painful" look and nod. Another surprise!!! I was also getting a fresh cell injection!! This guy just loves to surprise me. Now not only did the group see my lumpy armpit and my bald spot, now my upper right tush was going to be exposed! Once again...whatever!! Its free so hey....every little bit helps. 

As Dr. Rau warmed up the fresh cell ampule, it takes about 5 minutes, his wife questioned who I came to the klinik with today. I explained I came by myself and I was waiting for my husband's arrival. She said there was someone waiting outside in the lobby with a suitcase. Mike was here!!! I forgot where I was for a minute and smiling ear to ear I exciteldy yelled "Yay!" as I gestured a silent clap. The group laughed. I explained to them that I havent seen my husband in two weeks as my mom was here for the first two weeks and she now left and my husband will stay with me for the last week. Dr. Rau smiled and said in his cute accent that he will hurry. He injected the fresh cells. I quickly reassembeled my self and said thank you and good bye to the group and ran out to Mike. 

Dr. Rau introduced himself to Mike and told him that I was doing very well and that he is very optimistic regardng my case and that Im showing positive signs. :) Score!!! Dr. Rau offered to have his wife drive Mike and I back to the hotel. She was very nice and down to earth. She explained she and Dr. Rau have two children. Her seventeen year old daughter was at the klinik helping clean this morning as a way to make  money. I like that...despite them probably having good money, they teach their children good old responsibility.

My model debut was not bad at all!!! Im certainly glad I left the stilettos and runway walk for a different time. I wish I had photos and footage of the experience of being a model at Dr. Rau's seminar. I felt silly asking someone to click away. Oh well. Maybe next time.

Today Mike and I are resting. I didnt sleep all night and Mike has jetlag. Yes, it will mess up our biological scheduling but who cares!!! Its sunny and beautiful here in Switzerland!! The snow is melting and the rolling hills are slowly turning green.

StrRenGtH, LoVe, & PeAcE,


Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That

 Since I have been here I have been injected and pumped with all different kind of things. Several times a week I get infusions which consists of alot of immune building medication and vitamins and minerals. Whatever I am deficient in, I am getting it injected straight into the blood system. It makes sense since diseases such as cancer commonly stem from nutritional defiencies. As I mentioned in a earlier blog about my blood tests, it looks pretty good. They are still pumping me with all  goodness such as vitamin C and a bunch of other stuff. 

I also get ozone treatment.   All this is is activated oxygen. The point is that microorganisms, which thrive in low-oxygen environments, cause disease, including cancer.  It is believed that administration of ozone raises oxygen levels and leads to the destruction of the microorganisms. Cancer is due to metabolic disturbances (the body is working sluggish and not to the best capacity). Ozone stimualtes the metabolism as well as the immune system. How is this done? They stick me with an IV and take some blood (about half a jar) and then they add ozone gas to the blood and inject it back into me intravenoursly.

The other injection is straight into the tumors,. This is done by Dr. Rau himself about three times a week. The injections include mistletoe as well as a low dose chemo (with no side effects) and other solutions that help to bring attention to the tumor and let the body fight it off. This could only be done in my lymph nodes as that is the only "spot" near the surface that is palpable. There is no way to inject into the spleen or the liver, The injections hurt like a bitch!!! In the beginning they were not that painful but now the spot is very tender and inflammed. So it hurts a bit but nothing I cant handle ;) You rarley or never see medicine injected directly into the tumor in conventional hospitals. Especially in the world of melanoma.

There are so many parts and all are critical. For instance if I get just injections  to the tumor site and they go away they will come back if the toxins are not removed from my body. The point is that cancer is not an outsider invader.....our body creates it!! In the case of melanoma, it surfaces on the skin because we detox by sweating, breathing and going to the bathroom. So....if the body is acidic, and you are in the sun sweating, the toxins will be drawn out and in the cases of people who are extremely toxic, the toxins cause deformities on the skin. Resulting in skin cancer. So is it the sun? NO! A LITTLE sunshine is important and with all the melanoma scares these days and being misinformed to lather up with SPF, more and more people are vitamin D deficient leading to even more health issues. Check your vitmain D may just be deficient!!

Anyways, Dr Rau does these injections several times as week and so far I feel the tumors are larger. :( He explained that this is typical because you are injecting an irritant into the body and the location is going to have increased activity to work it out. Dr. Rau is a sweet heart and I really like him alot. He seems to have a soft spot for me or perhaps he is just so sweet to whoever he meets. Today my mom and I met with him for some results (will speak about in a later blog) and a tumor injection and he was fishing around to see what I was doing this weekend. He asked me out on a date!! LOL Im just kidding. Just wanted to make sure I still have your attention. He did mention he was having a seminar with other biological doctors this weekend and asked if I would be a model. Sure why the hell not?! Shall I wear a pair of stilettos and strut my runway walk for all the European biological docs? Or maybe to be a model for Dr Rau to educate other doctors to inject the tumors directly will be just fine. It will be a good experience. For one, I will get a free injection and it is an honor to be part of spreading Dr. Rau's knowledge.  So on Saturday morning  I will be joining Dr Rau and his colleagues.  Don't worry I will leave my stilettos back at the hotel ;)

PeaCe, StrEnGtH, and LoVe,


Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Yesterday I experienced Hyperthermia (or can we say "hot box") for the very first time. There are many reasons I made this journey to Switzerland but hyperthermia is the main one. It is a very very intense treatment that results in a high fever which is supposed to have great results for cancer patients.

The idea behind it is that chronically ill people such as those with cancer rarely get a fever. Fevers, a natural way our body fights off illness/infection, are suppressed with antibiotics, antiflammaotry medicine, and other horrific medications prescribed by doctors. An unhealthy diet and lifestyle and pollution can also suppress the body's desire to develop a fever. They say that it is better to have the fever, sweat it out and allow yourself to heal naturally for a few days. But in cases like mine the immune system is so suppressed that my body doesnt create fevers. A fever is a good sign that your body has the ability to heal itself.

A fever stimulates the production of white blood cells and activates metabolism and antibodies.  A fever not only improves weaknesses in the immune system but also strengthens the mental and emotional state of mind. It is believed that fantasies that go along with high fever are an expression of the unconscious. Repressed feelings can also be brought up. I know it sounds very Freud-like but if you think about it, it makes sense! So often illnesses stem from trauma or repressed feelings that people never dealt with. 

The fever brings up old problems that the body has not been able to deal with for a long time such lingering infections, toxic substances, or emotional shock. A fever, or hyperthermia for that matter, results in detox symptoms such as skin problems, a cough, digestional issues. This sounds negative but its the bodies way of getting rid of all the toxins and causes of the chronic illness.

Now that I explained the purpose of hyperthermia I could share my experience! The whole treatment consisted of a long four hours. I laid  in the hyperthermia box (see below) and was set up with an IV for fluid and homeopathic medications, and  a thermometer. I was offered relaxing music to listen to or my ipod of course. The nurse, who tried her best to keep me occupied by conversing with me in her broken english, provided me with an emergency buzzer and a cup of water (with a straw since I couldnt sit up). Silvia, my nurse, was there for the entire treatment except for a couple of times where she had to run out of the room to get something. I was not able to get out for the entire treatment so I had to hold my bladder or throw my dignity out the window and use a bed pan. A bed pan? What else is going to some along with this freaken hyperthermia?

Hyperthermia goes!
She zipped up all the sides and the table that I started on was slowly turned into a suffocating box. Lucky for me, I had a little plastic window on top of me and on the side of me. That helped alot... when it became too much I got close to the window and just stared out and pushed the plastic in hopes to get a little breeze of fresh air.
                                                         Here goes...its all zipped up!   
The first half hour I had it under control, my head was strong and I was ready to use my bag of tricks to get through the next couple of hours. I started out envisioning the tumors melting away, then as it got hotter I was on the beach in the caribbean with a pina colada. Then I had feelings of guilt that I used to lay out in the sun. Is that what created this melanoma, like the conventional doctors say, or is it because I ate like shit and didnt take care of my body? It was getting hotter and hotter. My legs felt like they were on fire...I asked for another towel to block some of the heat from the high heated lights. It helped. I was in fetal position with my eyes closed hoping to get little breaths of air from the little window. No such luck but it was comfortable. The doctor visited...she was surprised to see me in fetal position and looking as though I was sleeping. She informed me that I already had a fever of 102.8 which was a good sign. She commented how great I was doing as it looks as though I  have done a hyperthermia 20 times. I informed her it was my first. She was surprised.  

The doctor left the room and I felt proud of her compliments. I asked Silvia how long I had and she said it has been an hour and half. Thats it?!!!! I began to panic.....I used all my tricks. What else could I do? I felt like screaming and kicking my feet. I grabbed control and became emotional. Emotional in a positive and grateful way. Clips of the cancer journey from the start to current played in my head. I was happy. Why was I happy? What the hell is there to be happy about with being diagnosed with cancer? I felt so comforted and fortunate. I thought of all the people that have been there for me. I felt so lucky. All my positive results throughout the past couple of tests flashed before me. I thought about what would have happened if I stayed on the conventional path. Would I be gone like the others that I was diagnosed with? I was back in control.... I was so fortunate to be in this Switzerland hot box melting all my tumors. I thought "Thanks mom and dad for letting me be here."  Silvia asked if i wanted a foot massage...sure why not!!! The time then flew. Three hours passed and it was time for cool down. The box was disembeled and zipped over my body (minus my head) to trap in the heat (see pic below). The hour went slow but it was relaxing. I reached a 103.8 temperture! 104 is max....I did great for my first time. 

 Cool Down? Not really...still on fire
           Peace Cancer ...melt away!

The remainder of the day was for resting and staying warm. Last night I had fevers on and off and hot and cold sweats. Couldnt sleep all night. Today was hell. Those symptoms that were being suppressed are surfacing....Im coughing alot of mucus up, have pounding headaches and overall I just feel like I have the flu with aches and chills and sweats. On top of it all I had all the metals and artifical crap taken out of my wisdom tooth today( I will write about dental stuff in a later blog) . It was a really rough day. The pain and discomfort is bad but im just happy that these are signs of detoxing. I still feel feverish....go immune system go!!!

LoVe, PeAce, and StRenGth,