Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Winding Down

This week has been going fast. I have been getting my final treatments, tests, and Doctor appointments in. On Monday I had my second hyperthermia. It was still intense but no where near the first one. My fever this time only reached 102 degrees. I was hoping to be a little higher. I was told I was being an overachiever and that it is not always the case that fever gets really high. The sweats during the aftermath were also not as bad this time around. I was having great pain in my tooth in the beginning of the week and when Dr. Rau visited me during the hyperthermia he explained that the homeopathic remedies that he was adding to my infusion during the hot box treatment would help my tooth pain. He was right.... it alleviated the pain a bit. 

Waiting for my injections....

I had an ozone injection into the tumor which hurts like a bitch. I was pretty badly bruised but nothing I cant handle!  I also had the normal mistletoe and low dose chemo injected into the tumor as well. Dr. Rau got excited because he said he felt as though the tumor under my arm feels smaller. I felt the spot cautiously and did feel a difference but nothing to make me do a happy dance. I think it great news that it decreased in size but a happy dance is not warranted until it is gone. Dr. Rau is going to inform my doctor at home how to inject the tumor and if she feels comfortable doing so, she has agreed to continue the treatments to the tumor. Dr. Rau also gave me several live cell injections during this week. Dr. Rau is a really is a nice guy and Im glad I had the opportunity to meet him. Very professional yet very down to earth. My other doctor, Dr. Pleus, was also a very nice person as he took his time to explain everything to me thoroughly so I can easily transition the new regimen when I get home. He's been emailing Dr Stills in NY to come up with the game plan.

Ozone Injection with Dr Rau..... Ouch!

                                                                    Warming up the Fresh Cells on Dr. Rau's Light

Yesterday I received some other results. Well number one, it was explained that my hormone levels were retested and that they found that they are now fine. Dr. Rau explained maybe it was not an accurate reading the first time around as my hormones were abnormally high. The other results I received were regarding my tumor marker blood work. This is a blood test that looks into protein S100, a protein correlated wih melanoma. If this is elevated it shows the melanoma's trajectory and whether or not it will spread or not and whether this will be aggressive or not. In my case this number was .5 which is slightly higher then the average zone but not by much at all. It was explained to me that people that have stage IV melanoma typically are closer or perhaps even higher then 100!!! So this was VERY good news. It shows that my melanoma does not look like the typical wild fire spreading melanoma.

Dr. Pleus and Dr. Rau explained to me that all my blood work and lab results looked good. They both confirmed that these results were not typical for those undergoing a diagnosis of stage IV melanoma. I asked them the reason the cancer has mestasized in the first place and they explained that my lymphatic flow is blocked and my immune system is weak. One of the reasons my immune system is blocked is because my natural killer cells are low. So the three things they need to focus on are is 1, detoxification, 2, intestinal upbuilding (weak colon)....all that crap, literally, needs to come out so my body is not left with all the horrific toxins and 3, my immune system needs to be supported in order to aid my body in fighting off all these impurtiies.

I will do this by having a whole food based diet, taking many supplements, receiving weekly IV treatments with a bunch of different homeopathic remedies and vitamin C, and I will continue taking mistletoe (iscador) shots. I will be taking many of the supplements home with me. I did my homework and did a comparison of cost from here vs home and came to the surprsing realization that my supplements are less expensive here. So I will take a several month supply of supplements home with me.

Dr. Rau stressed the seriousness of melanoma and how important it is to continue to keep up with the disease systemically. He explained that much of what Im doing will be a way of life. He suggested I return in three months to follow up. Really? Three months?  I was banking on 6 and really was not thinking 3! But hey if it works I guess I will do whatever it takes. ;)

Good Night!!!

Im exhausted....this is for sure alot for my body to handle...... Tomorrow is my last day. I will have to get all my treatments and pack all my supplements and all. xoxo

Peace, Love & Strength,

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