Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pills, Drinks & Drops

My medication regimen on a daily basis is quite intense. Well it was in the beginning , but like anything else you get used to it.  I not only have to take supplements but I have to drink alot of different things. I take a small lemon bowl ( yes, even my pills have to be presented nice...pathetic...I know) of various pills including Co Q10, iron, enzymes, B12, immune building supplements, and a whole lot more.

Anything looks more appetizing in a cute lemon bowl :)

Then I drink all sorts of weird drinks....I have Eveliza (the brown cloudy one) which is supposed to boost metabolism and regenerate cells. It helps bring the nutrients directly to the cells to be absorbed. Then I have Selenase (the white one) which I don't really know what it is for exactly. I believe it aids the immune system. Then I have to drink wheat grass. I typically takes this in its pure form by juicing wheat grass but I haven't got around to ordering it so lately I have been drinking the powder form. It is really recommended that you drink the pure form so I have to make that a priority and order myself some fresh and organic wheat grass. And of course, every morning consists of a green juice. With this I juice cucumbers, celery, and kale. That's usually my normal juice but sometimes I will throw other veggies and herbs in to spice it up a bit. So with all the drinking I do in the morning there is no possible way I could fit any food in my system. I get full to the max with all those liquids!!!

The Medicinal Beverages

Oh and drops! I cant forget about them. I have to put 20 drops of this immune supporting liquid (homeopathic) in my water (1 liter three) three times a day. I have to put 6 drops of biosil in my water once a day. I have to put 6 drops on my tongue of this other liquid and 5 drops of homeopathic treatment on my root canal that was pulled out. I also take ten drops of vitamin D ( my vitamin D levels were pretty low in the beginning but they are finally creeping up to a point that is considered good).  I also have to take a tablespoon of flax seed oil, yup straight up! It took some getting used to but now I can handle it. Then there is winter berry....which is a berry blend rich of antioxidants....its yummy!

Then three times a week, Mike (my husband) injects me with a cocktail of mistletoe and several other ampules. Mistletoe deserves its one blog so I wont go in too much detail here. And then there is Cellect!  From the bottom of my heart and from my gut I just know this is the product that has been changing all my cells. When the journey first began my blood work was not good. I was deficient and low in many areas, however when I first went to Dr. Stills, my natropath, she explained to me that she was pleasantly surprised as my blood did not look like that of a typical cancer patient. By that point I was on the Cellect for about 6 months. Cellect is a nutritional supplement loaded with essential vitamins and minerals. It is in powder form and you mix it with water and drink up!! It is filling and took alot for me to get used to but now Cellect and I have a strong bond. I truly believe this is what made a big difference in controlling the tumor growth. Usually with melanoma, once it metastasizes it spreads like wildfire. But in my case this did not happen. I originally had tumors on my lung and cancer on my hip bone but no longer!!!!! Yes, I am doing alot of different things so who knows what to attribute the cancer disappearing on my lungs and hip to, but I just know Cellect does my bod and so many other people's bodies good! Cellect is completely worthy of its own posting. I will get on that tonight or tomorrow :) If you know anyone with cancer, diabetes, HIV, fibromyalgia, heart conditions, Alzheimer's, (the list goes on and on), Cellect could truly help them. So keep posted!!! If I could send everyone who is sick a 6 month supply of Cellect I would!!!

Three  Month Supply of Medication

I took a three month supply of medication home from Switzerland. A majority of the products are available in the US but it actually was more cost effective to get it from Switzerland. Leave it to the US to highly market everything! When I go back in three months I will get more medications to bring home.
On that note, I have to go ahead and take all my medication. Since I have to drink so many various medicines and quite nasty tasting ones....I have to pace myself otherwise we do NOT have a good outcome. ;)

For those who want to know exactly what I am taking I would be glad to share, just send me a message and I will email you my exact medication regimen.

PeAcE, LoVe, and StReNgTh,



Latidos-Americanos said...

Hello Lisa,

I'm writing you from Argentina. My mother is 45 years old and was recently diagnosed with Stage IV Melanoma. She has already had a tumor removed from her brain. The next step is to get a PET scan to see if the malignant cells have spread to other parts of the body, and to start the traditional treatment of chemotherapy and radiology. We are a close family, she has 5 children. We are ready to battle this illness, but as you know, this is a desperate, depressive and devastating situation.
I have been reading your post and it has given me a lot of hope! Any help that you can give us would be so useful, there is so much that we want to know: what was the exact diet you used, what facility devised the parameters of the diet, where and how did you get the medicine, etc. From looking online, the most popular alternative treatment is given through the Budwig Center. Have you heard of them, and if so, what is your opinion of the facility?
I think the first step for us is to find/get Cellect, here in Argentina or buy it in the United States and have it shipped here. My girlfriend lives there, so she will help with all shipping logistics. From reading all the information you have posted about Cellect, I am really interested in the product and desperate to find it for my mother.

Thank you so much for your time and I look forward to hearing from you soon,

Manuel Buzzi

Joffery Stark said...

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