Monday, February 14, 2011

Back in Good Ol' NY

I arrived home on Friday and have been meaning to blog for days now. Something about stepping back on the NY pavement....the relaxation ends...back to reality. NO! I refuse to let the relaxation end. There has to be some way that I could make it continue. I am always on the go and have the need to do something. I wish I could control this but its just the way I am. Life gets so busy. My mission is to try and find that relaxation time no matter what. Wish me luck....

Overall, my trip to Switzerland was an amazing and a healing journey. I soaked up all the goodness that Paracelsus had to offer and I just know that it did this bod of mine justice. Not only were the results from all the tests positive but I feel pretty good.

In three weeks time I had the opportunity to do so much.  I had alot of amazing, and quite different, treatments.

I got to spend quality time with my mama. ...

We met amazing people with difficult stories. Some were battling cancer, others serious digestive issues, and several MS and some just there to detox. I learned something from each person I met and was amazed by the strength people have. Part of this journey is all the people you meet along the way. When you are going through similar things and are put together in such close intimate environments the connection grows quick.

We ate quality and alkalizing foods. The diet was more relaxed that the 80% raw diet I was eating prior to my trip to Switzerland. Basically the diet is tricky because so many doctors have a different rule of thumb regarding cancer diets. I will blog about diet eventually but basically you just have to educate yourself about what foods are alkalizing and which are not and go from there.

I got to spend quality time with my husband. Unfortunately we weren't able to go out and about as much as we would have liked. By the time the days at the klinik are over I was exhausted and fatigued and needed to take it easy.

We got to hang out with a local from Massapequa that we happened to randomly meet. They were such a sweet couple with a baby girl and expecting another baby girl. It was a plus because Mike went out with Sean for the day rather than having to sit with me, bored out of his skull, in the klinik. Another night they took us out for dinner. It was definitely nice to have met such nice and welcoming people.  

I had my moments of sadness. Such intense treatment could be pretty emotional and not to mention I found out I lost two of my fellow cancer fighters. That hits you hard. Especially when you yourself are going through a stage IV diagnosis. It hits so close to home that it takes a blow at you so hard it knock your socks off. You cant help to think of your own mortality and the what ifs. It really messes with your head and it takes so much mind power to fight the thoughts and bring them back to those feelings of hopefulness and positivity.  

I had the opportunity to experience Switzerland's beauty. Initally it was chilly and then it warmed up significantly to the point we did not even need our winter jackets.

The pro-life and positive attitude at Paracelsus was incredible. It is such a different feel to what I have experienced in other places such as Sloan Kettering and Yale. The doctors are so upbeat and positive. They don't instill that fear in their patients like the conventional doctors. Rather than looking at the diagnosis and spitting off statistics, they look at your specific situation and let you know what needs to change in your terrain in order to reverse the cancer. Much different from Sloan Kettering where I was giving that "this is serious" look as though the Doctor just wanted to spit out "you have three months to live." What about this is beneficial to patients?? Between the overwhelming feelings regarding the diagnosis and dealing with the symptoms of the new diagnosis it takes alot to fight. Throw in the words "you have x amount of time to live" the challenge becomes that much greater. The hope goes out the window. Your mind gets plagued with the what ifs and the replay of those words that one can't even put there energy towards the healing. 

 am fortunate that I had this path come my way.  I always was a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. Three years ago I would have never thought I would be doing half the stuff I do now. It feels so right. You know when you have that gut feeling about something? Well I have that feeling regarding this whole journey. It was like I was meant to do this. It literally makes me sick sometimes when I think about how many people we lose to cancer. So many of these people don't even know all the other options out there and others know it but just don't trust it or don't have the financial means to pull it off. Its for sure a battle and I respect a patients decision whether they want conventional or not. I am just passionate about educating people about the other, more positive, side of cancer.

I have my regimen that I will continue home and then I will have to go back to the klinik in three months. I will blog about what my healing regimen exactly entails a different day. Its quite intense. Lets just say in total it takes about 2 hours in the morning to get all that I have to get done for my health. On that note I am back to work today and have to get started taking my many supplements, teas, shakes, and drops.

It would mean a ton to me if you shared this blog with whomever and register to be a follower. The more hits the blog gets the easier it is to pop up in a google search, then the more people we could help fight cancer in a pro-life way. 

PeAcE, LoVe, and StReNgTh,


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