Sunday, February 6, 2011

Test Results

I took many tests since I have been here. Some I am familiar with, others it is for sure a learning process.  

Blood Test

Its pretty much what we are used to at home but they test alot more detailed here. So what did it show?

1... I am low in zinc, which is an enzyme to stimulate the metabolism. I take alot of zinc with Cellect so the question is now why am I not absorbing the Zinc? Dr. Rau was going to do more tests and look into this.

2.... My glucose was elevated which is not good because glucose feeds sugar. Dr. Pleus, my other doctor here, compared my glucose with previous test from Dr. Stills. Then my glucose was fine. He says it may be due to having breakfast right before the test. He advised me to stay away from sugar, bread, etc.

3....I have NO cancer markers in my blood. My white blood count is great, my liver enzymes are good, and I dont have any evidence of inflammation

4....My kidneys are functioning fine. Prior to coming here there was a small concern with my kidneys because my numbers were off. But the blood tests show they are fine.

5....My hormone level is high. Dr. Rau does not understand why this is and explained that it is typical that they see low hormones in women these days and not high. He is going to do more tests but he says this is unrelated to the melanoma.

Lymphocyte Profile

This test evaluates and compares two important parts of the immune response. T- lymphocyte helper cells  play a critical role in orchestrating the response to infections. Without T-helper cells, many of the other immune cells are not able to activate and fight infection. Proper activation of these immune cells is necessary for a strong immune response.  After activation of the immune response, T-lymphocyte suppressor cells deactivate the immune cells fighting the infection. It is important to control and manage the immune response. An over-active immune system can lead to tissue damage and auto-immune disorders. This test measures the number of T-suppressor cells.

For me, we have to build up my T cells as my immune system is still low. Taking mistletoe and other immune building supplements will help this. :)


This is a graphic measurement of body temperature. Since early times, doctors felt the surface of their patients body with the back of their hands. Why? because particularly warm or cold areas of the skin indicate there is inflammatory or degenerative illnesses existing in the organs under the skins surface. With the extremely advanced technology of a thermography, we could see the temperature of the human skin with good accuracy and determine in what area there may be problems.

For me, my sinuses and colon improved slightly compared to my last thermography in the States. My liver is still showing up as an issue as well as my digestive track. So this shows that my lymphatic drainage is weak and needs to be built up and we need to do intestinal upbuilding to make sure all those toxins are being cleared.

TKTL-1 Test

In a nut shell. This monitors my diet and whether it is influencing the tumors in a negative way. Dont ask me how it does this but thats what they told me. My diet is NOT impacting my tumors in a negative way. Score!!!! All those veggies pay off.

Genetic Testing

This recognizes anti-oxidant capacity (lymphocytes). This shows whether interleukin, a protein that stimulate immune system to anything bad thats going on in the bod, is available. Usually for cancer patients these numbers are over 200 for me it is under 100!!!! This is really good news!!!! All my interleukins are in good dosages! :)

For now that is it!! This week I will be getting the results to most of my other tests. I'll post the second part of my "Test Results" once I get them. 

Its looking pretty good so far which is freaken awesome!!!

PeaCe, LoVe, and StRenGtH, 



Michelle, Frank, Dolce and Baby! said...

Hey Lisa, it's Dervin! snyder gave me the link to your blog, it's so nice you can keep a log of everything your doing there, sounds like you have about 5 different phd's so far!!! i would be so confused with all the terminology but it sounds like it's going well so that's great!!!! I had said I was going to start a blog for family i have out of state and after seeing yours it gave me the kick i needed to get it started! so i've been reading and learning different things about blogs and one thing i read is to put a "button" to your website out there for others to add to their blogs, Michele had said you were trying to get seen on google and from what I've read it's another great way to do that! it's really easy if you want me to help you with if you don't have one yet just let me know! and if you do have one let me know and I'll put it on my blog! Good luck with everything and stay strong!


Jessjh said...

great news!

LiSa said...

Thanks girls!!! Dervin, I would love to know how to add the "button." This is for sure a learning process so any help would be much appreciated!!!


thanks :)

Michelle, Frank, Dolce and Baby! said...

I made one for you lol I haven't been sleeping so i have a lot of extra time on my hands!!! you can see it on my blog (i took your peace sign and made it from that)

I did the html codes for you so all you do is copy and past them the same way you did the background and the follow thing etc. It wont let me paste a code in a comment box but i'll give it to snyder and have her fwd it to your email! just copy and paste it onto your sidebar or wherever you want it!