Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That

 Since I have been here I have been injected and pumped with all different kind of things. Several times a week I get infusions which consists of alot of immune building medication and vitamins and minerals. Whatever I am deficient in, I am getting it injected straight into the blood system. It makes sense since diseases such as cancer commonly stem from nutritional defiencies. As I mentioned in a earlier blog about my blood tests, it looks pretty good. They are still pumping me with all  goodness such as vitamin C and a bunch of other stuff. 

I also get ozone treatment.   All this is is activated oxygen. The point is that microorganisms, which thrive in low-oxygen environments, cause disease, including cancer.  It is believed that administration of ozone raises oxygen levels and leads to the destruction of the microorganisms. Cancer is due to metabolic disturbances (the body is working sluggish and not to the best capacity). Ozone stimualtes the metabolism as well as the immune system. How is this done? They stick me with an IV and take some blood (about half a jar) and then they add ozone gas to the blood and inject it back into me intravenoursly.

The other injection is straight into the tumors,. This is done by Dr. Rau himself about three times a week. The injections include mistletoe as well as a low dose chemo (with no side effects) and other solutions that help to bring attention to the tumor and let the body fight it off. This could only be done in my lymph nodes as that is the only "spot" near the surface that is palpable. There is no way to inject into the spleen or the liver, The injections hurt like a bitch!!! In the beginning they were not that painful but now the spot is very tender and inflammed. So it hurts a bit but nothing I cant handle ;) You rarley or never see medicine injected directly into the tumor in conventional hospitals. Especially in the world of melanoma.

There are so many parts and all are critical. For instance if I get just injections  to the tumor site and they go away they will come back if the toxins are not removed from my body. The point is that cancer is not an outsider invader.....our body creates it!! In the case of melanoma, it surfaces on the skin because we detox by sweating, breathing and going to the bathroom. So....if the body is acidic, and you are in the sun sweating, the toxins will be drawn out and in the cases of people who are extremely toxic, the toxins cause deformities on the skin. Resulting in skin cancer. So is it the sun? NO! A LITTLE sunshine is important and with all the melanoma scares these days and being misinformed to lather up with SPF, more and more people are vitamin D deficient leading to even more health issues. Check your vitmain D may just be deficient!!

Anyways, Dr Rau does these injections several times as week and so far I feel the tumors are larger. :( He explained that this is typical because you are injecting an irritant into the body and the location is going to have increased activity to work it out. Dr. Rau is a sweet heart and I really like him alot. He seems to have a soft spot for me or perhaps he is just so sweet to whoever he meets. Today my mom and I met with him for some results (will speak about in a later blog) and a tumor injection and he was fishing around to see what I was doing this weekend. He asked me out on a date!! LOL Im just kidding. Just wanted to make sure I still have your attention. He did mention he was having a seminar with other biological doctors this weekend and asked if I would be a model. Sure why the hell not?! Shall I wear a pair of stilettos and strut my runway walk for all the European biological docs? Or maybe to be a model for Dr Rau to educate other doctors to inject the tumors directly will be just fine. It will be a good experience. For one, I will get a free injection and it is an honor to be part of spreading Dr. Rau's knowledge.  So on Saturday morning  I will be joining Dr Rau and his colleagues.  Don't worry I will leave my stilettos back at the hotel ;)

PeaCe, StrEnGtH, and LoVe,


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