Friday, February 25, 2011


As promised, here is my post about the supplement that I truly believe gave my cells that jump start that they needed....Cellect!! In 2010 , I was starting the year off okay. I was still very fatigued and weak as the interferon from months back was still in my system and wreaking havoc. I was functioning though, life was seeming to get back to normal. Due to the lymph node dissection from the previous February I had horrific frozen shoulder and not to mention lymphedema. My arm was really difficult to move that even daily tasks such as getting dressed and lifting the smallest things was a struggle. My arm was also so swollen that I had to wear my compression sleeve daily to control the fluid buildup. Anyways, after going to physical therapy three times a week and being borderline tortured, my arm was still stuck.

At Mike's holiday party, I met an acupuncturist that works in one of the PT offices. Somehow it came up in conversation that I had frozen shoulder and he told me that he could help me. I started going to him immediately and had good results. Then February came and we found out that the cancer was metastasized to my hip bone and my spleen. He told me that I must go home and call this man name Fred. He explained that his mentor swears by him and his product. He said that this man has been reversing people's cancers for years. He explained that two of his patients went there and are now cancer free. I left there completely skeptical but of course scared of my own mortality, I checked out the website hoping that maybe this was not quackery and there was some hope. I'm very detail oriented and  like for things to visually look pretty and when I looked at the website I was even more skeptical. Its not very well developed and not as savvy as the ones I was used to looking at like Sloan Kettering's website. I remembered what Tae, my acupuncturist, said and decided to call...

I spoke to Robert who I explained my situation to and he gave me an earful, about an hours worth, of what cellect is, why it is so effective, and story after story of people who were given three months to live and began taking cellect and are now fine. After reading website after website of horrible survival rates of melanoma patients I was scared out of my having a little hope felt pretty good.  But I have to admit, I was still skeptical. Robert scheduled for me to meet with Fred several days later. I didn't tell anyone because I didn't want to get swayed out of going or be influenced by what others thought.

I drove to meet Fred and the address I was given was this desolate very big old house. I was thinking to myself this could be right??? I called the number to confirm the address and I was in the right place. Now I was thinking to myself "Lisa, what the hell are you doing?" I went in and was introduced to Fred, a nice man....reminds me of an Einstein type. I was there for over three hours, free of charge might I add. He asked me to explain my story, he told me his story, he told me all those people's cancer who was reversed with cellect, and my skepticism was slowly melting away.

 Here goes....

Fred himself had cancer (pancreatic) 30 some odd years ago, when he was 21, and was given only months to live. He was told that having an extensive surgery including having all/part of his stomach, pancreas, and spleen removed would help his chances of surviving longer. He opted for the surgery however expressed to his Dr that it doesn’t make sense as his immune system was not elevated so he didn’t understand how his cancer could be an outside invader. He was convinced that his body had to be making the cancer. He asked to see his blood work and he noticed that he was deficient in certain vitamins and minerals. He took a considerable amount of those vitamins and minerals that he was deficient in and with time he was fine...his pet scans were clear...he was cancer free.

After this experience Fred chose to go to medical school to study transplants and he  was able to get a pancreas to stay alive longer than anybody else was able to do so before. He also was speaking about how his belief that cancer was not an outside invader and it was the body that was creating it. He spoke about the importance of the body getting enough essential vitamins and minerals to prevent disease. His theories hit resistance and he was threatened to be kicked out of the program if he continued to be a "radical" student. He decided to leave the program yet continued to do research.

His theory = Cancer and other medical conditions are due to nutritional deficiencies. His theory was inspired by his grandfather and his grandfather’s twin. His grandfather lived an unhealthy life style of eating junk and drinking and wound up passing in his 50’s whereas his twin brother exercised, was health conscious, and took great care of himself and he lived to 104!  Our bodies require certain kinds and amounts of vitamins and minerals and if we are lacking them our cells can’t function to their full capacity, thus creating cancer and other conditions. Its along the concept of maintaining an alkaline ph…when our bodies are getting everything they need we are alkaline. Whereas when we are exposed to toxins such as smoke, chemicals, and preservatives, and toxic prescription drugs we are acidic. Unfortunately, due to all the toxins that we are exposed to these days, it is much harder to maintain an alkaline pH even if you eat as healthy as could be and exercise. That’s the reason cancer is SO prevalent these days.

Fred agrees that chemo and other conventional treatments kill tumors however it does not kill the blueprint that creates the cancer in the first place. That’s why it is so common for cancer to “spread” once a tumor is removed/killed. The body recognizes its missing cells and needs to replicate them. Thus, producing more bad cells that eventually turn into tumors...making cancer “spread.”  He gives the example of cleaning algae out of a swimming pool. If the water and the pH are not changed the algae will eventually be right back in that swimming pool. Fred’s theory goes more in depth than what I have explained but that’s the gist of it. Basically…. if this fish is dying change the water in the fish tank…

So what is the supplement? It is a powder, called Cellect, that you make into a shake. For cancer patients it’s recommended to take 4-6 scoops a day. I started with  8…apparently the more you take the quicker the results…so my attitude was "bring it on!!!" Now I take 5 a day. It comes in different flavors like chocolate and vanilla but I personally dont think it is enjoyable. Its very filling and heavy on my stomach but I know that it helps me so I'll do whatever I have to. Cellect and I are now good friends and I know that I must take it. Apparently they now have it in pill form rather than powder but for me I would have to take close to 90 something pills so I think it is easier to suck it up and drink the filling grainy shake. Does it have to be Cellect? No, it could be the vitamins and mineral individually but it is more cost effective to take Cellect. Within time it is supposed to replenish your bad cells with good cells. Since these good cells are alkaline, cancer can’t survive and eventually will die off.

Fred has helped over 4,000 people and out of these people 92% of the people’s cancer or medical condition was reversed!!!! All I know is that’s a better success rate than any cancer hospital can give, especially when it comes to a diagnosis of melanoma. The stories are endless. But to name a few….one man had terminal lung cancer and after months of taking Cellect he began to cough up his tumors!!!! Literally they were in his sink!!  Within a year he was cancer free. Another women, Wendy, had liver cancer and was given 6 months to live. She heard of Fred and Cellect through a friend and started taking Cellect immediately and took NO conventional treatment. Within three months her pet scan was clear…she was cancer free. I spoke to this women personally as she now volunteers for Fred and three years later she is doing great.

Last March, my mom went to Maryanne, her friend/nail lady, and she was explaining that I was thinking about taking a natural approach. Maryanne explained to my mom that one of her client’s mother-in-law was dying of cancer and in hospice and she began taking this natural supplement and is now fine. Together Maryanne and my mom called this lady to find out what the supplement was and sure enough it was Cellect! My mom said she got goose bumps. At that point my mom was skeptic and nervous that I was opting to go natural and refusing conventional treatments. So we needed a moment like that. My mom and I knew it was a sign :) My dear Uncle Emil, who recently passed away of lung cancer, also was approached when he was first diagnosed by his neighbor recommending that he take cellect. His neighbor also had cancer and took cellect and years later is fine and free of cancer.My uncle opted for the conventional route and did not look much into his neighbor's recommendation.  After my uncle passed away,  my Aunt Terry called to tell me she found the information packet and samples of cellect and it dawned on her that's what I was taking. I felt like that was another sign....Uncle Emil was telling us that I should continue with cellect!!!!

I know its crazy and so hard to believe that some random powder with vitamins and mineral would reverse  cancer but it is true and there is lots of proof.  And again, it’s not only for cancer…it has been successful with MS, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Alzheimer’s, back/joint pain, stress…the list is endless. 

How do I know cellect is working for me? When I first took it my shoulder began feeling better. My range of motion increased. Initially I felt very bloated and puffy but they explain that this happens because all the toxins are trying to be released from the body and your body gets back loaded. My energy increased as well. At times I would feel so weak and fatigued that I could sleep all day. When I took cellect it was like i was a wilted plant coming back to life. As I mentioned earlier, my blood work was not good in the beginning of the journey and about two months on cellect my numbers changed drastically!! They continued to get better as the months progressed. When I first started taking cellect I was limping because the pain in my hip from the bone cancer was pretty bad. After about a month I was no longer limping and had slight pain. Today the hip cancer is gone and is being noted as "degenerative disease" (whatever that means.....). When I started cellect I was very hopeful and decided that I will take this for three months and gauge where my tumors were via a pet scan and then decide if i will back to the dreaded conventional route. Three months after I started, the tumors got bigger so needless to say I freaked out, I was so disappointed, and i called Fred immediately. He explained that it is perfectly normal for the tumors to appear as though they are getting bigger. He explained that as the tumors dissipate (die, become necrotic) they flatten out (think of an M&M melting in the sun) so in the pet scan they appear larger but it may just be that the tumors are dying. So now I was playing russian roulette with my own mortality?!! Do I continue with cellect and hope the tumors are dying or do I take conventional meds? I continued with cellect....risky I know.

How I really know cellect worked for me........
on our honeymoon we were away for three weeks in Greece/Italy and despite taking cellect with me with the plans of keeping up with my routine, I went in honeymoon mode and didn't drink it. By week number two, I became so weak, tired, and literally very sick that we had to have a hotel visit from a local doctor (300 euros later). I couldn't breathe, was completely congested, and was literally gasping for air. My body was pissed at me. The tumor under my armpit was also considerably larger then it was before I left for our honeymoon. Our second wedding in Italy was a hard day. I put on my happy face and tried to have a good day but the reality was that I was weak, tired, and felt like ssomething seriously wrong was going on inside my body. To this day I hate looking at the Italy wedding photos because I felt so sick and scared that day. Once I started back on cellect i felt better again and had more energy.

Who knows....I know I am doing many different things but Cellect to me has been what kept my tumors from spreading like wildfire. Because in the world of melanoma, I am unique...its very rare that the tumors stay controlled and/or disappear. My hip cancer and lung tumors are gone!! :)

If you are suffering from anything, especially cancer, I recommend you call NCRF (National Cancer Research Foundation) and have Cellect shipped to you. If you are in the NY area and can take a ride to meet with Fred it is an uplifting and hopeful experience and also recommended. To look into it further go to and for video interviews Do not expect much from the website as it is underdeveloped and the testimonials are not as updated as we would like. Fred has many new successful and quite amazing cases but due to be so over worked they can’t get around to everything.   All I know is that the rates of success of Cellect and the fact that it has no major side effects was a hell of a lot more comforting and appealing than Sloan Kettering and all the conventional treatment that comes along with those visits. I’m pretty positive but when I learned that the melanoma had returned at Stage IV, I wasn’t that hopeful and all I know is now, after Cellect, I feel amazing and am back to my positive self.

PeAcE, LoVe, and StrEnGth,



South Shore Homes Solutions, LLC said...

Hey Li, on the cellect website they say that cancer patients are recommended to take 4 scoops/day. What do you think a non-cancer patient should take? Also, what do you think about bee pollen!? And where should we donate for your run coming up :)

Janet and Hal Camp Hosts said...

Lisa, I just received the dreadful phone call with biopsy results of melanoma with a matisse
Scared and numb at this point ..
I read your blog this morning about Cellect.. Do you suggest starting it before my treatments are decided upon ??

LiSa said...

@ Janet, I know it is overwhelming but as you will read on my blog, there are MANY options. Scared and numb is completely normal but you have to stay in control and once you have a game plan you will feel better. I think you should call NCRF (national cancer research foundation) immediately and speak to the staff there. I think cellect should be started right away!!! If I was to have to start over, I would NEVER opted for conventional treatment. It does more bad than good. Please contact me at and I will share the rest of my healing regiman with you.

Hang in there!!


LiSa said...

@ M, 1-2 scoops are suggested for non-cancer patients. Given on a specific condition it may be different. Mike takes 2 scoops after his workout as a protein shake and he says it makes him feel great.

As far as bee pollen, that has been popping up alot lately but I dont really know much about it. I always thought i took everything but the kitchen sink....maybe bee pollen will have to be added into my regimen. lol I will look into it.

And for the 1/2 marathon, I think I actually want to raise money for NCRF (cellect) and to promote my blog Peace Love & Melanoma. I will decide shortly and get the word out :)

Thanks for wanting to support.

Wendell Gibson, Cellect Fan!!!! said...

As A SUPER Fan of Cellect, Please visit the website and join the Facebook fanpage, National Cancer Research Foundation. On it you will find amazing and helpful folks. I guarantee you will find hope and be blessed by your visit. Please invite your friends to join the movement.

Cecile Mathes said...

Yes!!!! It helped me survive the chemo and radiation....but if I knew then what I know now...I would have just done Cellect! I am a 1) year uterine cancer (stage IV) survivor!

Cecile Mathes said...

Opps that is a 10 year survivor!

Carla Jordan said...

I just heard about the product yesterday and would like to know more. I am waiting for a rep to return my call. My husband is 78 and having issues related to early parkinsons. my son had suggested whey protein. he has had episodes of low platelettes. I have pre diabetes I think if we can tolerate the drink without stomach issues we can do it. You did much good work. Where does Fred live?

Carla Jordan said...

waiting for your input