Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Yesterday I experienced Hyperthermia (or can we say "hot box") for the very first time. There are many reasons I made this journey to Switzerland but hyperthermia is the main one. It is a very very intense treatment that results in a high fever which is supposed to have great results for cancer patients.

The idea behind it is that chronically ill people such as those with cancer rarely get a fever. Fevers, a natural way our body fights off illness/infection, are suppressed with antibiotics, antiflammaotry medicine, and other horrific medications prescribed by doctors. An unhealthy diet and lifestyle and pollution can also suppress the body's desire to develop a fever. They say that it is better to have the fever, sweat it out and allow yourself to heal naturally for a few days. But in cases like mine the immune system is so suppressed that my body doesnt create fevers. A fever is a good sign that your body has the ability to heal itself.

A fever stimulates the production of white blood cells and activates metabolism and antibodies.  A fever not only improves weaknesses in the immune system but also strengthens the mental and emotional state of mind. It is believed that fantasies that go along with high fever are an expression of the unconscious. Repressed feelings can also be brought up. I know it sounds very Freud-like but if you think about it, it makes sense! So often illnesses stem from trauma or repressed feelings that people never dealt with. 

The fever brings up old problems that the body has not been able to deal with for a long time such lingering infections, toxic substances, or emotional shock. A fever, or hyperthermia for that matter, results in detox symptoms such as skin problems, a cough, digestional issues. This sounds negative but its the bodies way of getting rid of all the toxins and causes of the chronic illness.

Now that I explained the purpose of hyperthermia I could share my experience! The whole treatment consisted of a long four hours. I laid  in the hyperthermia box (see below) and was set up with an IV for fluid and homeopathic medications, and  a thermometer. I was offered relaxing music to listen to or my ipod of course. The nurse, who tried her best to keep me occupied by conversing with me in her broken english, provided me with an emergency buzzer and a cup of water (with a straw since I couldnt sit up). Silvia, my nurse, was there for the entire treatment except for a couple of times where she had to run out of the room to get something. I was not able to get out for the entire treatment so I had to hold my bladder or throw my dignity out the window and use a bed pan. A bed pan? What else is going to some along with this freaken hyperthermia?

Hyperthermia goes!
She zipped up all the sides and the table that I started on was slowly turned into a suffocating box. Lucky for me, I had a little plastic window on top of me and on the side of me. That helped alot... when it became too much I got close to the window and just stared out and pushed the plastic in hopes to get a little breeze of fresh air.
                                                         Here goes...its all zipped up!   
The first half hour I had it under control, my head was strong and I was ready to use my bag of tricks to get through the next couple of hours. I started out envisioning the tumors melting away, then as it got hotter I was on the beach in the caribbean with a pina colada. Then I had feelings of guilt that I used to lay out in the sun. Is that what created this melanoma, like the conventional doctors say, or is it because I ate like shit and didnt take care of my body? It was getting hotter and hotter. My legs felt like they were on fire...I asked for another towel to block some of the heat from the high heated lights. It helped. I was in fetal position with my eyes closed hoping to get little breaths of air from the little window. No such luck but it was comfortable. The doctor visited...she was surprised to see me in fetal position and looking as though I was sleeping. She informed me that I already had a fever of 102.8 which was a good sign. She commented how great I was doing as it looks as though I  have done a hyperthermia 20 times. I informed her it was my first. She was surprised.  

The doctor left the room and I felt proud of her compliments. I asked Silvia how long I had and she said it has been an hour and half. Thats it?!!!! I began to panic.....I used all my tricks. What else could I do? I felt like screaming and kicking my feet. I grabbed control and became emotional. Emotional in a positive and grateful way. Clips of the cancer journey from the start to current played in my head. I was happy. Why was I happy? What the hell is there to be happy about with being diagnosed with cancer? I felt so comforted and fortunate. I thought of all the people that have been there for me. I felt so lucky. All my positive results throughout the past couple of tests flashed before me. I thought about what would have happened if I stayed on the conventional path. Would I be gone like the others that I was diagnosed with? I was back in control.... I was so fortunate to be in this Switzerland hot box melting all my tumors. I thought "Thanks mom and dad for letting me be here."  Silvia asked if i wanted a foot massage...sure why not!!! The time then flew. Three hours passed and it was time for cool down. The box was disembeled and zipped over my body (minus my head) to trap in the heat (see pic below). The hour went slow but it was relaxing. I reached a 103.8 temperture! 104 is max....I did great for my first time. 

 Cool Down? Not really...still on fire
           Peace Cancer ...melt away!

The remainder of the day was for resting and staying warm. Last night I had fevers on and off and hot and cold sweats. Couldnt sleep all night. Today was hell. Those symptoms that were being suppressed are surfacing....Im coughing alot of mucus up, have pounding headaches and overall I just feel like I have the flu with aches and chills and sweats. On top of it all I had all the metals and artifical crap taken out of my wisdom tooth today( I will write about dental stuff in a later blog) . It was a really rough day. The pain and discomfort is bad but im just happy that these are signs of detoxing. I still feel feverish....go immune system go!!!

LoVe, PeAce, and StRenGth,



Jessjh said...

You did great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You look fantastic!!!!

I was just at my daughter's soccer tournament this weekend, and there was a table set up all about skin cancer where you can buy a bracelet, which we did. I was thinking of you the whole time!!!!!

You are so lucky you are there, I know this will work out well for you!!!!

Once you start feeling better again you can go out and enjoy Europe!!

Sending good HEALTHY vibes your way!

Marina said...

You are my hero! I am grateful of the knowledge that you give me and that we can part of your amazing journey.

GZZZZZ Good vibes from me too coming right your way ......

Kisses to mom!