Sunday, January 30, 2011

Oxygen with a Side of Baby Calf

My first week at Paracelsus I had some average treatments such as good old o2 and some very bizarre things like injections of  calf juice. Yup thats right...cells from baby cows! I was told years ago that it is best to give up any animal products due to the casein, unnecessary proteins, and all the artificial hormonal additives and now I am being injected with freaken baby cow juice? Let me explain.....

Basically it is a therapy by which specifically selected fresh or live cells of donor animals such as baby cows and sheep, are injected into the muscle ( in my case my thigh).  The fresh cells are from the unborn uterus of the baby animal. The animals are raised in good conditions where they are able to graze the fields and they only eat grass and are not given anything artifical. No harm is done to the animal (good because I dont want no cells from an abused stressed out cow in my body!!!), right after all the organs are developed and the pregnancy is almost completed they simply take fresh organ and tissue particles.  

Once injected in the person, or me for that matter it induces a significant change of the immune system and defense mechanism thus stimulating the body’s own healing and revitalizing powers. Fresh cell therapy has a proven high success rate for the treatment of a wide range of diseases. Not only has it been proven to aid in cancer regression but it helps regain youth through improvement in skin tone and complexion, reduction in wrinkles,  and increases energy and thinking power. Some added benefits!! This is similar to the idea of stem cell but is very different from stem cell.
So in nutshell, during my three week stay I will be given a total of ten ampules of fresh cells from a baby cow/goat. Dr. Rau personally gives me these injections. He has the coolest office with beautiful (and very old) Michelangelo style painting on the ceiling and he has, to me what looks like, a chemist labratory that he uses to prepare all of his medicinal concotions (check out below). Fresh cell therapy is beneficial because the fact that cells have a unique ability to identify and link up with cells of the same type result in injected cells travelling around the body until they find and link up with cells of the same "postal code." Hence injected embryonic liver cells will link with liver cells, embryonic spleen cells will link with spleen cells, and so on. The injected fresh young cells then imprint their new and vigour DNA and RNA molecules on the old and degenerating cells (my cells), stimulating them to function properly again and causing the organ to regenerate and revitalize. Crazy huh?
Part of Dr Rau's Office 
I just hope it doesnt have some crazy side effect like my babies being born walking on all fours and developing black and white spots as they grow older. LOL....just kidding. Imagine? That would be pretty scary. Or maybe I will start to moo or something?! The concept is very old and has been used for awhile but it is rarely used. It is illegal all over the world basically...except for here in Switzerland and I think in Mexico. Wow....where the hell else will this journey take me?
I wonder where my fresh cell donor is?!

As for the more normal o2 that we all heard of, I get that several times a week. My live blood analysis on the micoscope (not this visit but past tests) show that my cells are starving for oxygen. Every thing in our body and our life depends on oxygen, if we dont have it illnesses began to form.

Ionized oxygen therapy that I get here is inhaling negatively charged oxygen ions which quickly neutralize harmful pathogens, diseases, & ions in the body. Oxygen transforms stored energy of the sun (that we get from good quality food) into the energy rich phosphates. Diverse functions of the human organism need this phosphate energy and therefore are dependent on oxygen! Hence the reason deep breathing and exercise are so important!

Reduced oxygen supply to the cells leads to a decrease in energy gain and thus to various illnesses. This can reuslt in anything from concentration disturbances to immune weakness to cancer.  They say that without oxygen we could die in about 6 minutes!!!!!!!! That goes to show you how critical it is.

Peace and Oxygen

This long and windy journey through cancers hills and valleys has been quite fascinating.Yes, cancer SuCkS.... but I do love all the learning that Im getting along the way.

LoVe, PeAcE, and SmilEs,



Donna said...

Hey Li! Just caught up on the blog - i am so proud of you, you really learned so much and you're doing such a great thing sharing it with others who I have no doubt will stumble upon your page as they do their own research... I definately want to look into the blood analysis. You are a do-er (look at you, you're in Switzerland!), and what you're doing now is healing your body, something we could all do a little more of. I am so glad the doctors there are helping you get what your body needs. Have an amazing rest of your trip with your mom and Mike and enjoy that cheese :)
Love and miss,

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