Friday, January 28, 2011

One Week Down 2 More to Go!

I survived my first week at Paracelsus and to be honest I enjoyed every minute of it. Everything about being here feels so right.  I had many treatments that I don't have access to back home in NY.  It was, for sure,  a long week of many different treatments including infusions to magnetic field therapy.

In this week alone I had four infusions which include  high dose of vitamin C along with a cocktail of many other vitamins, medicines, minerals, and essential fatty acids. The infusions are ok for the most part, however they could be tedious somewhat because I have horrible veins. Due to my lymph node dissection we could only use the veins on my left arm so that limits it a bit.The drips are painless, however, they make me tired and super thristy (thats the vitamin C for ya!). 

Me getting an infusion

I also had ozone therapy where they take a decent amount of my blood out add Ozone to it and some medicine, shake it up and than put it back in my body intravenously.  Ozone addresses key issues such as oxygen delivery, circulation, and immune system function. It also detoxifies the body and stimulates the metabolism. It is found to be very effective in helping tumor progression.

Magnetic field therapy is another treatment I had. The magnetic field's energy regulates all living processes on earth, therefore the magnetic resistance of the body's cells and the flowing of vital energies within the body depend on magnetic fields. These magnetic fields penetrate each cell resulting in the ions being moved  in this frequency. This results in improving cell metabolism. The cells, tissue, organs, and bone all benefit from this treatment.

Magnetic Field Therapy

These are just a quarter of the treatments I received this week. Luckily  the treatments mentioned above are those that we do have access to in the states. The others that we dont have have access to I will blog about in the upcoming days.

Since it's the weekend Im free from the klinik until Monday. I guess there is time for some adventures in Switzerland :)

LoVe, PeAcE and StrEnGTH,


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S Kauf said...

I'm such a sap...I just cried... :-P I miss you. But I am loving reading about your adventures.