Thursday, January 27, 2011

Biological Medicine

It is for biological medicine that I have chosen to travel to Switzerland. Biological medicine is an approach to health and illness that is based on engaging the body in a way that stimulates the body's innate ability to heal itself. At first the obstacles and stressors that the body is facing must be identified and then from there the idea is to remove these obstacles by providing the body with whatever it is in need of. This could be anywhere from vitamins to minerals to oxygen.  

It is in this post that I will speak about the diagnostics and the point of biological medicine that identifies the body's stressors. Our blood not only tells a story about what we have been through in the past but also paints a picture about what is going on currently in our systems. An extensive blood work up is first and foremost and that shows endless amounts of information about our body. Some of which includes showing vitamins, essential acids and minerals that the body may have to much or too little of, how our immune system in working, and how our ratio of white and red blood cells is.  

My Blood Test

Back at home in NY my natropath indicated that I did not have blood of a typical cancer patient. She found that I had low vitamin d and a few other things but nothing that was critical and nothing that showed signs to cancer. So given this I was interested in what Dr. Rau here in Switzerland would have to say about my blood. He too was surprised as again was shocked because he expected to see worse markers in my blood work given my diagnosis  of stage IV cancer. However there are still things that I need to work on regarding my blood test...its far from perfect. However im fortunate that it is not an example of a "typical cancer patient's'" blood work. I give this credit to Cellect (all natural supplement loaded with necessary vitmains and minerals). If my blood looks okay something must be working....right?!  

Live blood cell analysis (aka Dark Field)

I suggest that everyone research this and look into getting it done for themselves. It is a remarkable test that involves a tiny non- invasive pin prick on the finger tip to extract a few drops of blood. The living blood is placed under a microscope, magnified by 20,000 times and projected onto a video screen. This enables us to see how our blood is behaving. Unlike normal blood work, which is tested when the blood is dead and not nearly as telling, dark field shows the immune system activity, yeast, fungus mold, cholesterol, hormonal imbalances, sugar intolerances, allergies, mineral deficiencies, mycotoxins, parasites, gastro-intestinal tract dysfunction and alot of other complications within our system. It is AMAZING!!! Im definatley addicted. Below is live a picture from when I got mine done here 2 days ago. Again, my blood was surprising as it did not look as though it did not look of blood with someone with cancer. She mentioned signs of degenerative disease which is interesting because the hip cancer that I used to have is now being noted as degenerative disease. The cells looked ok since they were circles (my very first test all the circles were stuck together almost like a roll of sprees (called rouleaux which is not good). Also the signs of the big white spots which are white blood cells is good. Those spider web veiny looking things are not ideal and need to be addressed.

Ultra Sound

I had an ordinary ultrasound which showed the tumors on my liver, spleen, and in my right lymph node. All areas were consistent with my last scan for the most growth and no decrease in size. I guess thats bitter sweet as Im happy they did not grow in size but wish that they would disappear or at least shrink in size. There was mention of necrotic (which means DEAD tissue which = AMAZING) but it was unclear so we will see as the weeks progress.  

Panaromic dental xray

Why may you ask does this have anything to do with disease or cancer. Biological dentistry believes that what goes on in the mouth effects the whole body, therefore they look at the teeth at a whole body stand point rather just then what is going on in the mouth. Often conventional dentistry uses amalgam fillings which are completely toxic and wreak havoc in the body. Also root canals are a perfect location for fungus and other bacteria to be trapped and hang out. This causes extreme stresses to the body. Many studies are being done showing the direct connection between metal fillings/root canals to cancers, especially breast cancer. Unfortunatley I always had problems with my teeth resulting in many amalgam fillings and one root canal. Most of my metal has been removed by my conventional dentist however I still have some teeth with metal. Who knows if the removal caused mercury to leak into my system because apparently there is a very specific way to go about this to ensure the metal does not leak out into the body. Also the combination of all different metals result in a specific charge which may be seriously effecting the body in a negative way. Anyways, my panaromic xray below shows inflammation in several teeth and silver in others. Interestingly enough the meridians of the teeth also effect certain meridians of the body and in my case my most effcted tooth is connected to the spleen, the area where I have my largest tumor. Pretty interesting huh? During my stay here I will have to have the tooth with the root canal pulled out and cleaned thouroughly. The other teeth I will have to have serious work done on.  They have state of the art equipment here and guru biological dentists so I am confidant to get the work done.

This is not the only diagnostic testing I will be having when Im  here but thus far this is what has been done. This helped Dr. Rau and his team better understand how to proceed with my condition. 20 people can come here with the same diagnosis of stage IV melanoma but none will be treated with the same protocol.....that is biological medicine. I already had some pretty amazing and interesting treatments. I will blog about a few of them tomorrow.

PeAcE, LoVE, and StRenGth,



Marina said...

Wow Li! It's crazy to hear the things that can go wrong in our body and the domino effect! Thanks for all this info. Ignorance is bliss and we all need to hear this research and information so we can start forming good habits and living our healthiest life. You are a true inspiration to me. Cant wait to hear more.

Love, M


lori said...

Wow is right. Everything connects to everything. Funny how i think that what you do with your body and what you put in are indepent of how your body works... Over the last year Lisa, you have open my eyes to so much. Youe blog is great, so informative. lots of love from NY. xoox

S Kauf said...

Dr. Lisa Formato, fascinating stuff... ;-)

Datiger said...
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Datiger said...

I had a dark field test done. I was told since they weren't doctors they couldn't give me much advice or anything or they'll get shut down.

Was wondering if anyone can look at a couple pictures.

And put subject "Dark Field".

Thank you soooooooo much.