Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Adventure in Switzerland ....and not for chocolate or watches ;)

I always had the desire to visit Switzerland in my lifetime but who would ever thought that a diagnosis of cancer would be the reason for my visit. Especially when I live in America.... the health capitol of the world. I always thought that europeans came to America for the state of the art treatment and I was about to embark on this journay to europe for treatment? Strange huh? Truth is not strange at all.

On January 24th my mother and I embarked on our journey to find the best of biological medicine. Dr. Stills, my natropath back at home in NY suggested I come here to Switzerland to fight the cancer more aggressively and from a more systemic perspective. Initially the thought of traveling so far and the cost deferred me and then I decided that I am sick of these annoying freaken tumors and I want them gone and gone for good. I did my research and found alot of success stories and decided to just take Dr. Stills advice and come to Switzerland. :)

So here we  are in Switzerland! Besides the beautiful snowy white country side here in Teufen and LustmuhIe I am surrounded by amazing therapies and treatments that we would never or rarely come by in the States. The klinik is Paracelsus and it is a quaint and calming four story building with colorful and vibrant art. Throughout the building are beautiful flowers such as orchids and tulips and the sound of the decorative water fountains. There is a tea station and a water station where you could have herbal teas and pure alkaline water. The Swiss people are very comforting and helpful in helping me through the treatments and despite their broken English they are happy to strike up conversation. Most interesting, is that the owner and director of the klinik, Dr Rau, author of the book Swiss Secret, has already met with me personally 2 times and I have only been here for 2 days. He himself treats me and gives me several different advanced biological treatments. Despite his status and busy schedule he still meets with his patients, especially those with the advanced cancers/diseases. He could easily assign these cases to his other professional staff and focus on the research and training but he is dedicated in making it a priority to meet with his patients first hand. Its very comforting that I am meeting with the source, the one who is researching and creating alot of these remedies.  

We are staying in Hotel Santis several miles away from the klinik.  Dr. Rau, the director of the klinik, owns this hotel and provided his patients with an alkaline based diet, fresh drinking water, comfy, yet typical small European rooms. The food is really good as it is all whole foods and they use nothing processed. The food is cooked and for me this is a real treat since I have been on mostly a raw diet back at home. They also allow goat and sheep cheese on the "cancer diet." Yum! My taste buds went crazy after having some cheese as this has been a real limited part of my diet for months now. The hotel is run by a couple, Christian and Irene, who are very sweet and extremely helpful. So all in all it is all very conventient.

Keep posted as I will journal my experience through these very intense and unique treatments and diagnostic tests throughout my three week stay here at Paracelsus.

PeAce, SmiLeS, & StrEnGtH

                                   My mama & I embarking on our journey


LiSa said...

Oh cool!! You guys could post me comments :)

Unknown said...

I am a FOLLOWER!!!! For someone who hated science, you should forward this to your Mass HS teacher!! I need a dictionary for some of this! You are an amazing inspiration! I hope you are feeling well especially with all that dental work! You have shared so much of yourself and you are helping so many people, more than you will ever know even, because they will read and absorb and move forward with choices from knowledge you are sharing here.
ENJOY the exploring of Switzerland!
I will look forward to reading more!
Give Mom a hug from me!

S Kauf said...

Life IS crazy, I am just NOW getting to post comments on your blogs today, please forgive me. Missing you like you have no idea but happy that you are having a healing and wonderful journey. CAN NOT WAIT TO SEE YOU WHEN YOU RETURN!