Friday, April 22, 2011

Dont always believe what "they" tell you!!

 As mentioned in earlier posts, a big part of my journey has been the Cellect and the creator of this amazing supplement, Fred. Fred is an incredible individual who has more intelligence than anyone else I have ever had the opportunity to meet. He is extremely intelligent and an interesting character. If you know anyone going through any life threatening condition such as cancer, MS, aids,alzhemiers, fibromyalgia, and other conditions such as ADHD and Down Syndrome I suggest you have them make an appointment to meet with him as soon as possible. He does not charge to meet with you. Between his incredible knowledge, his detailed stories about patients stories, and his corny jokes you will find yourself spending over two hours, maybe even three talking to him. You leave there with your head a little discombobulated since Fred's Einstein's qualities make him bounce around alot from topic to topic.But you have such an incredible feeling of hopefulness and motivation when you leave there it is amazing. Can you imagine? He gives that much of his time for free? I dont know how much longer he could pull it off considering cellect is getting more and more known and is now being sold not only in the US but in other countries. Its only a matter of time that he wont be able to pull it all off but who knows..... he is so dedicated and driven that he would probably give up his nights sleep just to help whoever he needs to.

Anyways, My parents and I went to meet with him last week in his Port Jefferson office. Since I no longer see any oncologists anymore and read my results myself (believe me its not that hard to "decode"), I always like to make an appointment with Fred so his extremely intelligent self could tell me whats going on in my body. He gave me a run down on the lingo used in the reports..... literally we went over word by word.

As for the right hip bone and the left hip, he said that both of these have low SUV (sugar uptake value) and nothing corresponding on the ct scan (no tumors or mass)  which means that it is inflammation of some kind and not cancer. He explained that concerning SUV's are from 11 and above (except in the spleen as that naturally has a high SUV).

As for the liver, where in my scan before last they noted a tumor and now they cant see anything, Fred explained that the SUV is still high however there is no longer a mass present. He said that this means that the liver is breaking down the cancer cells. Go liver!!! It is obviously working since there is no more mass. But of course the report read that I should have another scan done and contributed the disappearance of the mass to them not injecting me with contrast. Oh really? So then why last time when I was not injected with contrast did the mass show up in my liver?

The pancreas in the scan was noted for suspicious of metastasis and that I should follow up with an MRI. Fred explained that there is low SUV and no mass, which again means inflammation of some kind. He said this could depend on something I ate or that my pancreas is working hard. cancer.

Lastly, all the lymph nodes (armpit and on trachea) got smaller. Fred explained that enlarged lymph nodes are NOT always cancer!!. He said this happens when the body is under any stress where it is trying to rid the body of garbage. It makes complete sense....if I eat something I shouldn't my swollen lymph nodes get larger in size like they are trying to get rid of the crap I ate. But again.....these reports claim that the lymph node itself is cancerous and they indicate at times that they should be taken out. Oh that makes complete sense? Lets remove what helps your body get rid of all its crap and toxins so then you are at more risk of developing cancer or some other life threatening disease.

It frustrates me how they are treating the "spots" that light up on these stupid scans rather than the whole body. Look at me for example. I had one enlarged lymph node in the beginning of this annoying freaken journey and they suggested a lymph node dissection and radiation (leaving me with horrid frozen shoulder and constant swelling). So they remove the lymph node and tell me Im clear of cancer....bullshit!!! A year later it returned with a vengeance. Why? because they did not treat the cancer source they treated a lymph node that was trying to rid my body of the cancer. So after taking interferon, which completely zapped my immune system and getting over 18 lymph nodes (the very thing that clears our body of unwanted cells) removed, it is no surprise the cancer came back with a vengeance.  Also, Fred pointed out an interesting yet very disturbing fact, the latest trial I did, Ipilimumab, effects among many other things both the liver, the pancreas, and causes sclerosis (thickening of tissue). Interesting....could that possibly be the reason I had "activity" in my pancreas on my last scan?  One will never know but all I know is that you would be completely shocked if you researched and actually looked further into what your doctors suggest. Especially prescription meds....yes some are needed but for the most part these drugs are causing some serious stress to the body and it makes your system as a whole worse off then when you started. It sounds too simple and like a bunch of BS, but truth is people are just deficient of essential vitamins and mineral that they are not getting from the standard american diet. Not to mention, vitamin D deficient. We get vitamin D from the sun and people these days are so damn busy and on the run all the time that they don't get enough vitamin D from being outside. Everyone should get their vitamin D checked!! Lack of vitamin D is the culprit of many ailments, including cancer!!! This deserves its own post!!

Ugh, If I just knew what I know now then. I would have done things completely different. least I am doing it now and it is working :)

In the reports on my last scan they must have wrote three times "suspicious for metastasis." Its enough to scare the crap out of you....but I have learned the lingo in these reports and have trained myself not to freak out. Unfortunately, its just a ploy to scare patients into more treatments within the billion dollar medical world.  I truly believe Dr's and those who write the results for these labs are not at fault and they go in the field for good reasons (well most of them) but bottom line whoever is training them and making the curriculum for all these places are the dogs!!! They don't care about our well being...they just want to push us into more and more drugs. It just dehilibates the body more and more and crushes the bodies natural ability to heal itself.

All of this now fascinates me so much that I wish I had all day everyday to research and just learn more and more about how the body works and how corrupt the medical and big pharma are. I am looking into several intense education programs for the future and hopefully I could continue following this path wherever it takes me. For starters, I will be joining the team at Organic Corner, a new health food market/juice bar in Massapequa. I will work a couple of hours a week and the plan is for me to eventually do lectures/talks about my story to other people suffering with cancer or other serious illnesses every couple of weeks or so.

Since my oncologist from Sloan does me the "favor" of ordering my pet scans despite ever seeing him anymore, he gets a copy of the results. His secretary called me to "touch base." I gave her a very brief explanation of what I've been doing and then she said that the doctor wanted her to tell me that he is concerned because my results are not looking good. She explained that everything has gotten larger. When I questioned what she was talking about and pointed out that all my "spots" from my previous scan have disappeared or decreased in size this last scan, she said that she herself did not look at it and that she was just relaying the doctor's message. In a sweet calm voice I told her to thank the doctor for his concern but that he should read it again as he seemed to not read it accurately. They just don't want to accept it.....I get it though....basically it would undermine their whole profession and they simply are not allowed to talk about any "natural" treatments. Yup, its actually a strict rule in prestigious places such as Sloan Kettering. It makes me sick......... I would love to see what treatment route these oncologists would take if they were diagnosed.....

So needless to say, you really cant trust your doctors. There are many out there that know their stuff and are brilliant but it comes down to $$$$$. The doctors are driven by what the pharmaceutical companies are pushing on them. You cant blame them, they went to school for a million years, dedicated their lives to the medical field and are naturally going to stand by what they learned. If you just do a little research and step outside the box you will see that the reality is they are doing more bad to our body than good. I know a lot of what I write is controversial and I apologize if I offend anyone but its only a matter of time that people are going to know who they could really trust...and it wont be their traditional doctors.

Strength, Peace, & Love,




Kate said...

I just came across your blog and am so excited to follow it. You are incredibly brave to take such a courageous path to healing! Thank you for sharing with us and I look forward to your insightful and inspirational posts. Hope, healing and hugs!

Steven said...

This is amazing. Please keep up this blog and keep it current for those of us who find it so hard to convince our loved ones that this is for real!

Sky said...

Lisa, if Oncologists at Sloan and other "prestigious" places don't talk about natural medicine and are motivated by $$$, what is "Fred" motivated by? Does he see you for free? Unlikely.

What's the difference? That the physicians at Sloan must have documented, peer-reviewed, published papers to support a course of treatment. Dr. Fred just regales you with stories that neither you nor anyone else gets to verify.

If there was a snowball's chance in Hell that natural medicine was helping people with cancer and for lower cost (given the $$$ cost of the pharmaceuticals), don't you think every single blood-sucking insurance company would be going THAT route and saving themselves a bundle in patient care?!

Please, use the same skepticism with the natural docs that you do with the orthodox ones.

Take care.