Sunday, April 10, 2011

Is this a little light I see?

 I know I havent written in a while, things have been rough on this end.  I have been in a f**k everything mood. Just sick of the motions of cancer and all the bullshit that comes with it. Im sick of how it effects my life and those close to me.  I am ready to move on. I've been focusing on how to balance the life of cancer and having more productive days in regards to all the other stuff I have to do on a daily basis.

I have so much to write on my blog that I am busting at the seams. Lots of informative information to help others with not only cancer but other serious conditions. Unfortunatley, now I have many other areas of my life to focus on so I will blog as time allows.

To add a little hope and shine to my life I recently got great news. I had my pet scan on Wednesday and luckily I already got the  results. All my known tumors and enlarged lymph nodes have decreased in size. At this point, I have a spot on my spleen and two enlarged lymph nodes (one by my trachea and one in my armpit). The spot on my liver is unclear at this point as I did not have contrast with the pet scan. In my head though if they cant see it even wthout the contrast it must be smaller or gone. Who knows though....I have to look into it further. What was once noted as hip cancer is now being noted as sclerosis (thickening). The three tumors on my lung continue to be nonexistent!!!

With any of these tests comes something that needs to be looked into further. The pet scan report stated that I have hypermetabolic activity in my pancreas and my right leg bone. This is an indication that they use to determine if someone has metatasis, however it does not necessarily indicate cancer. It could be inflammation or just general irritation. To be honest I am not that worried because all the other areas have decreased in size and I am not experiencing any pain. Also, with all the detoxing and diet changes I am doing the pancreas is probably just "lighting" up because it is undergoing some healthy changes. As far as my leg bone.....I have been training for the half marathon (on May 1st) so it can just be some inflammation from running. I will have follow up on both of these by having an MRI sometime in the next two weeks. This will better determine what is going on. However, there are no new tumors so that is HUGE!!!! Especially given the fact that I have been just doing natural and biological treatments. See?.....anything is possible. Sometimes you just have to be your own doctor.  Its worth doing all that extra research and thinking and stepping outside of the box.

It looks like it is going to be a slow road until I am NED (no evidence of disease) but it looks like I am going in the right direction   :)

Peace, Love, and Strength,



Jessjh said...

fabulous news!

Anonymous said...

YOU ARE SUPER WOMAN! KEEP ON TRUCKING DARLING. PROOVE THE WORLD WRONG. i currently TWEET your blog on twitter and facebook ;) love you <3

Elizabeth M. said...

Yay! Congrats on the good PET news! You are amazing :)

Marina said...

"NED" would be AMAZING!

LiSa said...

Thanks ladies!!! Yes, Marina..."NED" would be amazing!!! I believe for sure I will be there one day...its only a matter of time. :)