Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Third time is a charm

Hi ! Not only am I back to blogging, I am also back in the wonderful world of Switzerland. My mother and arrived yesterday for my third go-around here at the Paracelsus Klinik. Since my last trip a lot has gone on.....my exhaustion was so extreme that I was sleeping more than 12 hours at times and If my life schedule allowed me too I would be sleeping all day long. It winded up that the intensive treatment caused my spleen to get bombarded with cleaning out all those dead cells. The already existing spleen tumor kept getting larger and larger causing my spleen to rupture. So I had the splenectemy and have spent the last couple of months recovering. However, I felt that I had energy back and I no longer had to sleep as much so I thought that was an incredible sign. I felt so well that I contemplated not returning to Paracelsus and having the money spent elsewhere and just being home and spending time with that darling husband of mine. Plus, at first I thought being away for Thanksgiving would be no biggie but as the time got closer I realized how much I will miss being with Mike and our families for the holiday. Plus my brother Anthony and Dana just had my second niece. Being home to hold a newborn and play with my neice sounds a hell of a lot more enticing then being a human pin cushion and being nuked in a big oven box.  However with some "family talks" I decided it would be best to come back and have another round of intensity and blow this cancer out of my body.  I also needed to finish up my dental work and still have not found a great natural dentist in the states that I could trust in building the 2 bridges that I need to repair my removed root canals.

Im VERY happy that I decided to return....heres why....

I went for my pet scan on 11/11/11 , figuring those numbers had to pull me luck and be somewhat on my side, and the results were no where near optimum. Optimum = no more cancer that is.... As much as I learned to take these tests with a grain of salt as they are super sensitive and pick up all metabolic activity, it is still frustrating to not see what you want to see. Basically, the tumor under my left arm has increased in size as well as the liver tumor. Then it reads  that there is "hypermetabolic activity" in my left breast, pancreas, and in my leg bones. Now, since I just had my spleen taking out it is not surprising that the liver would be stressed out as it is taking over for the spleen and will need some time to adjust. Also, the tumor under my arm has changed very much and appears as though it trying to filter out alot of cancer cells. It is very purple and red and still feels as though it has broken apart.  It has a higher SUV (sugar uptake value) which means that its probable that it has more cancer cells in it, meaning that my lymph system is trying to filter out the cancer cells. However they could be dead just trying to be pushed out of my body. Thats the problem pet scans do not show dead cancer. In regard to the other "hypermetabolic activity" going on elsewhere in the body, it could very well be the body's normal response to working all out after a surgery. It is natural to have a lot of inflammation, hence "hypermetabolic activity", after a surgery never mind after the removal of a critical organ.

My doctors here in Switzerland expressed concern of the indicators of an increase in tumor size as well as the hypermetabolic activity that was noted, but also warned me against the false positives that pet scans show. So far they only have my darkfield (microscopic testing) to look at my current situaion....which indicated that I have a lot of "crystals" which means there is a lot of acidity (can be from my diet not being what it should be), that I have balloon shaped cells which means that my liver is stressed, and that my digestion has improved a great deal.

I knew in my heart that I should'nt have gotten the pet scan as I just knew it was too soon after having such a big surgery and the radiologists have a grand time with reading those reports once they hear a cancer diagnosis. Any little thing that "lights up" is deemed as a metasisis when it could very well be a simple infection or inflammation. Completely insane!! Not only was it to soon after my surgery, there is just no point to them. There are other ways to see what is going on in my body naturally and being injected with that glucose and radioactive toxicity seems to defeat the purpose of all I have been doing for my health. So for now on , unless something makes me change my mind, I am sticking to ultrasounds, thermographies, and the less invasive tests such as ct scans and MRI's.  

Yes I am a disappointed as well as frustrated hearing the results of my pet scan as well as finding out that I am increasingly more acidic, but I am optimistic. I know that other than some sharp pains by my incision site, I feel really good and sometimes you just have to listen to your body rather than depend on all these test results. I am eager to know how my blood work is as that will also help to understand whats going on  in this body of mine. Im.....hmmmm.....I dont know how to explain it.....I guess fed up with the cancer fighting game. Its not that Im scared as I just know in my heart that everything is contained in there and it is just trying to work itself out. Is it crazy that I feel that way? Am I being to optimistic? Either way, Im a fighter and the day where Im in remission will eventually come and boy are we going to all have a big bash.

Yesterday was an intense day of treatments from 7am to 5:30 and today I was at the klinik bright and early to see Dr. Rau (6:45) and then had again a full day of treatments. I will update tonight or tomorrow about the specifics of my day.

PeAcE, LoVe, and HeAlTh,




Donna said...

No such thing as too optimistic! Love u Lisa and u are doing the right thing and we sure will celebrate when ure in remission! Miss u and am looking forward to the updates of how ure getting rid of this thing that took up camp in ur body temporarily!

S Kauf said...

Everytime I type on this thing, I type a big long post, I hit "post", and then it tells me to "log-in" (cause I forget to do that first) and then I lose what I just wrote! And then I have to re-type it, but I forget what I said...(is that not me "in a nut-shell, or what??)
Anywhoooo, hopefully I will remember to do that from now on, but the point is, as Donna said, being optimistic is the BEST way to be because it keeps your body from shutting down and giving up. And, considering that you've got EVERYONE sending you loads of loving thoughts and prayer (which is workng miracles EVERYDAY!!), we can all look forward to the day where we can say "sayonara" to the "c" word.
I wanted to ask you, while you are receiving you're treatments "over yonder", are you still taking the Cellect? I am lovin it and tomorrow morning will be trying one of the recipes that came with it: the "Good Morning Parfait" - oh boy! There is also a recipe for "Cellect Candy Balls"...but perhaps that's an entirely different conversation, best not posted... ;)
Love you!!!!